Related to RFA-OD-13-008

Title Announcement Number Related Issuing Org Release Date Opening Date Expiration Date Activity Code
Limited Competition:Restoring Research Resources Lost Due to Hurricane Sandy (R24)  RFA-OD-13-008    NIH  04-18-2013    08-01-2013  R24 
Limited Competition: Restoration of New Investigator Pilot Projects Adversely Affected by Hurricane Sandy (R21)  RFA-OD-13-005  Related Link  NIH  04-15-2013  05-19-2013  06-20-2013  R21 
NIH Administrative Supplements to Recover Losses Due to Hurricane Sandy Under the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act Non-Construction (Admin Supp)  RFA-OD-13-199  Related Link  NIH  04-15-2013  05-12-2013  09-28-2013  (Admin Supp) 
Limited Competition: Shared Instrumentation For Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief (S10)  RFA-OD-13-006  Related Link  NIH  04-18-2013  06-19-2013  07-20-2013  S10 
Limited Competition: Extramural Research Facilities Restoration Program: Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief (C06)  RFA-OD-13-007  Related Link  ORIP  07-03-2013  07-30-2013  08-31-2013  C06 
Notice of Change to Page Limits and Application Due Date in RFA-OD-13-008 Limited Competition: Restoring Research Resources Lost Due to Hurricane Sandy (R24)  NOT-OD-13-087  Related Link  ORIP  07-11-2013       
Notice of Special Terms and Conditions for NIH Hurricane Sandy Recovery Awards  NOT-OD-13-106  Related Link  OD  08-28-2013       
Notice on Annual Reporting Requirements and Revised Financial Closeout Requirements for NIH Administrative Supplements Awarded to Recover Losses Due to Hurricane Sandy under the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act  NOT-OD-14-112  Related Link  NIH  07-30-2014       

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