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Related to RFA-AI-13-016

Title Announcement Number Related Issuing Org Release Date Opening Date Expiration Date Activity Code
Cooperative Centers on Human Immunology (U19)  RFA-AI-13-016    NIAID  03-21-2013    07-30-2013  U19 
Cooperative Centers for Translational Research on Human Immunology and Biodefense (U19)   RFA-AI-08-014  Related Link  NIAID  02-29-2008    07-19-2008  U19 
Maintaining Immunity After Immunization (U01 - Clinical Trial Optional)  RFA-AI-17-034  Related Link  NIAID  10-20-2017  01-21-2018  02-22-2018  U01 
Cooperative Centers on Human Immunology (U19 Clinical Trial Optional)  RFA-AI-17-040  Related Link  NIAID  12-04-2017  02-28-2018  03-29-2018  U19 

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