Related to PAR-17-215

Title Announcement Number Related Issuing Org Release Date Opening Date Expiration Date Activity Code
NCCIH Mind and Body Clinical Trial Cooperative Agreement (U01)  PAR-17-215    NCCIH  03-10-2017  05-02-2017  03-01-2020  U01 
Exploratory Clinical Trials of Mind and Body Interventions for NCCAM High Priority Research Topics (R34)  PAR-14-182  Related Link  NCCIH  04-18-2014  09-10-2014  01-08-2018  R34 
Phased Innovation Award for Mechanistic Studies to Optimize Mind and Body Interventions in NCCIH High Priority Research Topics (R61/R33)  PAR-17-149  Related Link  NCCIH  02-10-2017  05-01-2017  06-29-2019  R61/R33 
Clinical Coordinating Center for NCCIH Multi-Site Investigator-Initiated Clinical Trials of Mind and Body Interventions (Collaborative UG3/UH3)  PAR-17-175  Related Link  NCCIH  03-10-2017  05-02-2017  03-01-2020  UG3/UH3 
NCCIH Policy for Submission of Parent R01 Applications Proposing Clinical Trials   NOT-AT-17-006  Related Link  NCCIH  03-29-2017       
Notice of Informational Webinars for Investigators Applying for NCCIH Clinical Trials  NOT-AT-17-009  Related Link  NCCIH  04-12-2017       

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