Related to PA-18-330

Title Announcement Number Related Issuing Org Release Date Opening Date Expiration Date Activity Code
Investigator-Initiated Clinical Trials Targeting Diseases within the Mission of NIDDK (R01-Clinical Trial Required)   PA-18-330    NIDDK  10-20-2017  01-05-2018  01-08-2021  R01 
NIDDK Multi-Center Clinical Trial Cooperative Agreement (U01 Clinical Trial Required)  PAR-18-415  Related Link  NIDDK  11-28-2017  01-05-2018  01-08-2021  U01 
NIDDK Multi-Center Clinical Study Implementation Planning Cooperative Agreements (U34 Clinical Trial Optional)  PAR-18-423  Related Link  NIDDK  11-28-2017  03-10-2018  11-03-2020  U34 
Underactive Bladder and Detrusor Activity in Aging (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)  PA-18-570  Related Link  NIA  01-11-2018  05-05-2018  05-08-2021  R01 
Pragmatic Research in Healthcare Settings to Improve Diabetes and Obesity Prevention and Care (R18 Clinical Trial Required)  PAR-18-925  Related Link  NIDDK  09-17-2018  10-01-2018  11-02-2019  R18 
Medical Simulators for Practicing Patient Care Providers Skill Acquisition, Outcomes Assessment and Technology Development (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)  PA-19-065  Related Link  NIDDK  11-13-2018  01-05-2019  01-08-2022  R01 
Notice of Special Interest in Understanding Factors in Infancy and Early Childhood (Birth to 24 months) That Influence Obesity Development  NOT-DK-19-007  Related Link  NIDDK  01-07-2019       

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