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Next Generation Researchers Initiative
Last Revised: June 14, 2017

  1. What is the definition of mid-career investigator?
    At this time, mid-career investigators are being defined as investigators who have been supported by NIH and are within 10 years of receiving their first R01 equivalent award.
  2. Where will the money come from?
    Reprioritization of funding by the directors of NIH Institutes and Centers.
  3. When will the changes be implemented?
    This fiscal year. We will be looking at applications currently under consideration for potential funding this fiscal year.
  4. What types of grant applications will receive special consideration?
    The Next Generation Researchers Initiative is intended to increase the number of early-stage and mid-career investigators receiving R01 equivalent awards.
  5. Do you expect to fund all early-stage and mid-career investigators who are in the 25th percentile (or receive a priority score of 35 for applications that are not percentiled)?
    We expect to fund most of them. NIH Institutes and Centers will need to take into account their scientific priorities when making funding decisions.
  6. Does the Next Generation Researchers Initiative provide support for new investigators who do not qualify as early-stage investigators?
    The intent of the initiative is to help foster the next generation of researchers. Only early-stage and mid-career investigators are eligible.
  7. Do I need to do anything special to be considered for this funding?
    There are no additional steps required by applicants. NIH will identify the early-stage and mid-career investigators who would be eligible for special funding consideration.
  8. How will you evaluate the effectiveness of the policy?
    NIH will track the numbers of early-stage and mid-career investigators that are being supported on an ongoing basis, and identify how many additional investigators are supported as a result of this policy.
  9. What happened to the concept of the Grant Support Index (GSI)?
    Valid concerns were raised by the community about the potential unintended consequences of implementing the GSI policy as proposed. The new approach, the Next Generation Researchers Initiative, will support more early-stage and mid-career investigators than would have been supported through the use of the GSI. As part of the Next Generation Researchers Initiative, we will continue to pursue multiple approaches to develop and test metrics that can be used to assess the impact of NIH grant support on scientific progress. 

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