NIH Grants Policy Statement
Revised October 2017. This document applies to all NIH grants and cooperative agreements for budget periods beginning on or after October 1, 2017.

9.5 Post-Award Administration

If multiple PD/PIs are from multiple organizations, NIH will issue the award to the applicant organization which will administer the award using consortium or subaward arrangements in accord with the Consortium Agreements chapter. Budgets, including F&A costs associated with subawards, will be determined according to existing policy. Changes in the allocation and the size of subawards will be handled in the same way as single PD/PI awards.

Responsibility for all required reports is shared by the PD/PIs and the recipient institution. Only one of each required report should be submitted. Although all PD/PIs are responsible for the content of all reports, only one PD/PI should upload information in the eRA Commons. As with most other Commons features, only the recipient Signing Official may submit the reports to NIH, including closeout reports (final invention statement, progress report and financial status report).

Requests for administrative supplements must be submitted from an authorized official at the recipient organization and include the grant number and name of the Contact PD/PI in the request. For all applications, post-submission information, progress reports, and prior approval requests including requests to add or drop a PI, the recipient organization remains responsible for securing and retaining the required written assurance signatures from each identified PD/PI.

A change in Contact PD/PI may be designated in a non-competing continuation progress report; the Contact PD/PI must be a member of the existing leadership team and associated with the recipient organization. Revision of the Leadership Plan during the project period may be accomplished through a joint decision of the PD/PIs and reported in a non-competing continuation progress report.

All existing prior approval requirements apply to multiple PD/PI awards, including the change in status of any one of the PD/PIs or the addition of a PD/PI; refer to Administrative Requirements-Prior Approval Requirements in IIA. If a PD/PI withdraws from the grant or is no longer able to work on the project, a revised Leadership Plan or description of the impact on the project of a change to a single PD/PI award must be submitted as part of the prior approval request. NIH will evaluate the request considering the project as a whole, including the impact on the scope of work and budget.

If the Contact PD/PI changes institutions, the recipient institution will need to consider options. Since it is required that the Contact PD/PI be affiliated with the recipient institution in the Commons, the institution may choose to designate another PD/PI as the Contact. Another option would be to relinquish the grant and allow it to be transferred. Contact PD/PIs considering transferring should consult with the NIH awarding IC early in the process to discuss options.