multiple PD/PI, multiple program director, multiple principal investigator, review criteria

9.4 Application Review and Award

The review criteria applied to multiple PD/PI applications are the same criteria applied to single PD/PI applications and each application will be evaluated on its own merit (see The Peer Review Process in Part I). Peer reviewers will consider each PD/PI's qualifications and identified role in the project. The leadership approach will be used to facilitate understanding of the complexities of the science and the management of the project. The quality of the Leadership Plan will be considered as part of the assessment of the overall approach, and incorporated into the scientific and technical merit determination. Peer reviewers will not recommend that individual PD/PIs be removed; however, reviewers may recommend deletion of the specific aims and budget of a PD/PI, which would effectively remove the PD/PI's effort.

All PD/PIs are listed on the Summary Statement, in the NoANotice of Award: The official, legally binding document, signed (or the electronic equivalent of signature) by a Grants Management Officer that: (1) notifies the recipient of the award of a grant; (2) contains or references all the terms and conditions of the grant and Federal funding limits and obligations; and, (3) provides the documentary basis for recording the obligation of Federal funds in the NIH accounting system., and in NIH databases.