interim research products

8.2.5 Interim Research Products

Interim Research Products are complete, public research products that are not final. A common form is the preprint, which is a complete and public draft of a scientific document. Interim research products are effective ways for NIH funded scientists to speed dissemination, establish priority, obtain feedback, and reduce bias. They may also be cited in applications for NIH funding.

NIH intends to maximize impact of interim research products that are developed with NIH funds. Therefore, NIH expects awardees to ensure a high level of public access to NIH supported interim products. To facilitate text mining and other analysis of these products as data, the NIH expects standardized terms of use. NIH also expects awardees will adhere to other norms of responsible scientific communication.

Specifically, to claim an interim research product as a product of an NIH award, the NIH expects that the awardee will:

  • Make the product publicly available. To maximize the impact of an interim research product, the NIH strongly encourages awardees to select a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license or dedicate their work to the public domain.
  • In the text of the document:
    • Acknowledge NIH funding in accordance with NIH Grants Policy Statement Chapter 8.2.1
    • Clearly state that the work is not peer-reviewed
    • Declare any competing interests, as an author would do for any journal article