Notice of Award, NoA, additional terms and conditions

5.5 Additional Terms and Conditions

In addition to, or in lieu of, the standard terms and conditions of award specified in the NIHGPS, NIH may use terms and conditions for program-specific or award-specific reasons. For example, if, on the basis of a recipient's application or other available information, the GMO finds-at the time of award or at any time subsequent to award-that the recipient's management systems and practices are not adequate to ensure the appropriate stewardship of NIH funds or to achieve the objectives of the award, the GMO may impose special, more restrictive terms and conditions on the award in accordance with applicable regulations including 42 CFR 52.9. For example, NIH could require a recipient to obtain prior approvalWritten approval by an authorized HHS official, e.g., a designated IC GMO, evidencing prior consent before a recipient undertakes certain activities or incurs specific costs (see Administrative Requirements-Changes in Project and Budget-Prior Approval Requirements). for expenditures that ordinarily do not require such approval or to provide more frequent reports. In addition to closer monitoring, NIH may assist the recipient in taking any necessary corrective action.