research patient care costs

19.3 Policy

NIH provides funds for research patient care costs under grants and cooperative agreements. Research patients may receive routine services as inpatients or ancillary services as either inpatient or outpatient subjects/volunteers/donors. In order to receive reimbursement for research patient care costs, any hospital that, as a direct recipient of NIH funds, expects to incur more than $100,000 in patient care costs in any single budget period on a single NIH grant must either have in place or take steps to negotiate a research patient care rate agreement with the cognizant CAS office. These rates must be shown in all requests and/or claims for reimbursement of research patient care costs. Hospital recipients that expect to incur $100,000 or less in research patient care costs per budget period on a single NIH grant and patient care for all consortium participants/contractors under grants no matter the dollar figure are subject to the requirements specified in the subsection on Special Procedures for Certain Hospitals below. Failure to negotiate a research patient care rate with CAS when required may result in the disallowance of all research patient care costs charged to a grant.