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18.4.1 Equipment Accountability

For-profit recipients of NIH grants are nonexempt and subject to the conditions set forth in Administrative Requirements-Management Systems and Procedures-Property Management System Standards and Administrative Requirements-Management Systems and Procedures-Procurement Systems Standards and Requirements in IIA. Under certain conditions for-profit recipients are permitted to retain title to equipment purchased under a research grant though NIH reserves the right to order the transfer of equipment, including title, to NIH or an eligible third party named by the NIH awarding office when such third party is otherwise eligible under existing statutes. In addition, for-profit recipients must not use equipment acquired with NIH funds to provide services to non-Federal organizations for a fee to compete unfairly with private companies that provide equivalent services, unless the terms and conditions of the award provide otherwise, and any user charges shall be treated as program income and must be reported on the FFR. Conditions for the sale of equipment are specified at Administrative Requirements-Management Systems and Procedures-Sale of Real Property, Equipment, and Supplies in IIA.