For-profit, for profit, SBIR, STTR, business

18.1 General

Some of the terms and conditions for grants to for-profit (commercial) organizations vary from the standard terms and conditions included in IIA. In addition, the terms and conditions of the SBIR and STTR programs vary from those otherwise applicable to for-profit organizations. This chapter addresses separately the policies applicable to for-profit organizations generally, and those that apply to SBIR and STTR awards specifically. It also highlights several policies in IIA that apply equally to for-profit and non-profit recipients. If an exception is not stated below or in the NoANotice of Award: The official, legally binding document, signed (or the electronic equivalent of signature) by a Grants Management Officer that: (1) notifies the recipient of the award of a grant; (2) contains or references all the terms and conditions of the grant and Federal funding limits and obligations; and, (3) provides the documentary basis for recording the obligation of Federal funds in the NIH accounting system., the terms and conditions specified in IIA apply, including requirements for the protection of human subjects and animal welfare.