Federal institution, Federal entity, Equipment Accountability, Procurement Requirements, Intellectual Property, Reporting Requirements

17.7 Administrative Requirements

17.7.1 Equipment Accountability

NIH will consider all nonexpendable personal property acquired under a grant awarded to a Federal institution as exempt for purposes of determining the accountability requirements. NIH has the right, however, to require transfer of equipment, including title, to NIH or an eligible third party named by the NIH awarding ICThe NIH organizational component responsible for a particular grant program or set of activities. The terms "NIH IC," or "awarding IC" are used throughout this document to designate a point of contact for advice and interpretation of grant requirements and to establish the focal point for requesting necessary prior approvals or changes in the terms and conditions of award. under certain conditions specified in the regulations.

17.7.2 Procurement Requirements

Procurement under grants to Federal institutions is governed by the FAR and the recipient agency's FAR supplement.

17.7.3 Intellectual Property

Inventions resulting from grants supporting the activities of Federal employees under grants to Federal institutions must be reported simultaneously to NIH and to the employing agency under the terms of EO 10096, as amended, and are subject to the government assignment of rights in invention of government employee requirements of 37 CFR 401. (See http://iEdison.gov for reporting requirements.) Any resulting patent applications and patents must identify the NIH award, consistent with the language of 37 CFR 401.14(f)(4). In cases where the VA is involved with the invention but is not the grant recipient, and the recipient institution chooses not to elect title or pursue practical application of an invention, the recipient must note VA's involvement on its notice to NIH and provide a courtesy copy of the NIH notification to the appropriate VA office. NIH will notify the recipient and the VA whether NIH has an interest in taking title and/or continuing the pursuit of practical application of the invention.

17.7.4 Reporting Requirements

Federal institutions must electronically submit annual expenditure FFRs regardless of whether the award is subject to SNAP. Since these grants are paid directly by OFM, NIH rather than through PMS, Federal recipients are not required to complete the Federal cash transactions section of the Federal Financial Report (FFR).