Scientific meetings, conference grants, conference, scientific meeting, international conference, domestic conference, symposia, symposium

14.3 Definitions

Conference (in general). A meeting, retreat, seminar, symposium, workshop or event whose primary purpose is the dissemination of technical information beyond the non-Federal entity and is necessary and reasonable for successful performance under the Federal award.

Scientific Meeting (Conference). A gathering, symposium, seminar, workshop, or any other organized, formal event where people assemble to coordinate, exchange, and disseminate information or to explore or clarify a defined subject, problem, or area of knowledge.

International Conference. A scientific meeting so designated by its sponsor or one to which open invitations are issued on an equal basis to potential participants in two or more countries other than the United States or Canada. The meeting may be held in the United States or any country, subject to U.S. Department of State travel restrictions.

Domestic Conference. A scientific meeting held in the United States or Canada primarily for U.S. or U.S.-Canadian participation (even if foreign speakers are invited).