Research career development K award, CDA, scored review criteria, candidate, career development plan, career goals and objectives, plan to provide mentoring, research plan, mentor, co-mentor, consultant, collaborator, environment and institutional commitment to the candidate

12.5.2 Scored Review Criteria

For CDA applications, reviewers will consider each of the five review criteria below in the determination of the scientific and technical merit and give a separate score for each. An application does not need to be strong in all categories to be judged likely to have a major scientific impact. The scored criteria are:

  • Candidate
  • Career Development Plan/Career Goals & Objectives/Plan to Provide Mentoring
  • Research Plan
  • Mentor(s), Co-Mentor(s), Consultant(s), Collaborator(s); and for non-Mentors the Mentoring Plan
  • Environment and Institutional Commitment to the Candidate

These criteria are listed in logical order and not in order of priority. Since the specifics for each of these criteria can vary for the various CDA programs, the review criteria are described in detail in the FOA. Note that different ICs may employ additional review criteria.