NIH Grants Policy Statement
Revised October 2017. This document applies to all NIH grants and cooperative agreements for budget periods beginning on or after October 1, 2017.

12.11 Reporting Requirements

Failure to comply with reporting requirements and to submit the required forms in a timely manner may result in an expenditure disallowance or a delay in any continuation funding.

12.11.1 Progress Reports

Most individual CDA awards (mentored and non-mentored) are awarded under SNAP authorities. Progress reports for SNAP awards must be submitted using the Research Performance Project Report (RPPR). The RPPR must be submitted electronically using the RPPR module in the eRA Commons. For progress reports submitted using the RPPR, the IDP requirement described in Non-Competing Continuation Progress Reports will apply. Progress reports for non-SNAP awards should be submitted in accordance with the PHS 2590 instructions, including Section 4, Additional Instructions for Preparing Continuation Career Development Award (CDA) Progress Reports. PHS 2590 progress report forms and instructions are available from the NIH Web site at

Following completion or termination of a project period, the recipient must submit a Final RPPR to the NIH awarding IC within 120 days after the end of grant support as part of the Closeout documents described below.

12.11.2 Federal Financial Report

For individual CDAs awarded under the SNAP authorities, an annual electronic FFR is not required. Only a final FFR is required at the end of the project period (see Administrative Requirements-Monitoring-Reporting-Financial Reports and Administrative Requirements-Closeout-Final Reports in IIA).

12.11.3 Closeout

The Closeout requirements included in IIA (see Administrative Requirements-Closeout-Final Reports) apply to all Individual CDAs (mentored and non-mentored). For Institutional Scientist Development Programs the closeout requirements apply with the exception of the Final Invention Statement; invention reporting is not applicable to K12s & KL2s thus a final invention statement is not required as part of the closeout process.

12.11.4 Post Closeout Evaluation

In carrying out its stewardship of human resource-related programs, the NIH may request information essential to an assessment of the effectiveness of CDA programs. Accordingly, CDA awardees may be contacted after the completion of any CDA award for periodic updates on various aspects of their employment history, publications, support from research grants or contracts, honors and awards, professional activities, and other information helpful in evaluating the impact of the program.