Notification of action, individual fellowship, Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards, NRSAs, NRSA

11.2.5 Notification of Action

Shortly after the initial review meeting, each fellowship applicant receives an e-mail indicating that the SRG recommendation/impact score is available in the eRA Commons. The fellowship applicant is also notified via an e-mail when the summary statement is available in the eRA Commons.

The PO may notify the fellowship applicant about the final review recommendation. All questions about initial review recommendations and funding possibilities should be directed to the designated ICThe NIH organizational component responsible for a particular grant program or set of activities. The terms "NIH IC," or "awarding IC" are used throughout this document to designate a point of contact for advice and interpretation of grant requirements and to establish the focal point for requesting necessary prior approvals or changes in the terms and conditions of award. PO, not to the SROScientific Review Officer: The NIH official who serves as the designated Federal official having legal responsibility for managing the peer review meeting, the procedures for evaluating the applications assigned to the SRG and the determinations and management of conflicts of interest, as noted in 42 CFR 52(h). of the SRG. Name and contact information of the assigned PO is also available in the eRA Commons. If the application is under consideration for funding, NIH will request any additional necessary information from the applicant. After all program and administrative issues have been resolved, the NoANotice of Award: The official, legally binding document, signed (or the electronic equivalent of signature) by a Grants Management Officer that: (1) notifies the recipient of the award of a grant; (2) contains or references all the terms and conditions of the grant and Federal funding limits and obligations; and, (3) provides the documentary basis for recording the obligation of Federal funds in the NIH accounting system. will be issued for those selected for funding.