Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards, NRSAs, NRSA

11.1.1 Background

Section 487 of the PHS Act (42 U.S.C. 288) provides authority for NIH to award Kirschstein-NRSA individual fellowships to support predoctoral and postdoctoral training of individuals to undertake biomedical, behavioral, or clinical research at domestic and foreign, public and private institutions (profit and non-profit). Section 487(a)(1)(B) authorizes Kirschstein-NRSA institutional research training grants and limits institutional Kirschstein-NRSA support to training and research at domestic public and non-profit private entities. The legislation requires postdoctoral NRSA recipients to pay back to the Federal government their initial 12 months of Kirschstein-NRSA postdoctoral support by engaging in health-related biomedical, behavioral and/or clinical research, health related research training, health-related teaching, or any combination of these activities. (See Payback Requirements in this chapter.) The regulations at 42 CFR 66 apply to these awards.