NIH Grants Policy Statement
Revised October 2017. This document applies to all NIH grants and cooperative agreements for budget periods beginning on or after October 1, 2017.

10.8 Administrative Requirements

10.8.1 Prior Approval Requirements

Recipients must obtain written prior approval from the GMO for the following types of recipient-initiated project or budget changes:

The request for approval must include sufficient information to allow NIH review of the circumstance(s) and need for the proposed change. For changes affecting construction contracts, if the recipient receives written prior approval from the GMO, the recipient may make or authorize the approved modifications to the construction contract. Minor modifications to construction contracts may be made without NIH awarding IC prior approval. However, copies of all change orders to construction contracts must be retained as grant-related records (see Administrative Requirements-Monitoring-Record Retention and Access in IIA).

10.8.2 Alteration and Renovation Projects Under Non-construction Grants

Two copies of each of the following documents must be submitted with each request for approval of minor A&R costs greater than $300,000, but not more than $500,000 (whether proposed in the application or as a post-award rebudgeting request):

When the proposed alteration is to occur in a building that is under construction or in an incomplete structure, two copies of the following documentation also must be provided:

Applicants/recipients undertaking A&R projects that will require NIH funding of more than $500,000 are subject to the review, approval, and documentation requirements included or referenced in this chapter for construction grants.