construction, modernization, major alteration and renovation, major A&R, alteration and renovation projects under non-construction grants

10.8.2 Alteration and Renovation Projects Under Non-construction Grants

Two copies of each of the following documents must be submitted with each request for approval of minor A&R projects whether proposed in the application or as a post-award rebudgeting request:

  • Single-line drawing of the existing space and proposed alterations.
  • Narrative description of the proposed functional utilization of the space and equipment requirements prepared by the program and administrative managers who will use and be responsible for the working space and, when appropriate, with input from architectural and engineering advisors. Final drawings and specifications will be based on this description. The description must include a detailed explanation of the need, character, and extent of the functions to be housed in the space proposed for A&R, using the following headings, as appropriate:
    • General information
    • Description of the functions to be performed in the space
    • Space schedule (detailed description of floor space)
    • List of fixed equipment proposed for the facility
    • Cost estimate (see sample format in Exhibit 8)
    • Special design problems
    • Description of the existing and proposed utility systems for the modified space
    • Description of plans to provide accessibility for the physically handicapped
    • Provisions for meeting the requirements of the Life Safety Code
    • Length of the property lease if the space is rented
    • Other information required by program legislation or regulations.

When the proposed alteration is to occur in a building that is under construction or in an incomplete structure, two copies of the following documentation also must be provided:

  • Detailed justification for the need to perform the work before the building is completed
  • Cost comparison between doing the work before and after the building is completed
  • Description of other specific benefits to be gained by doing the work before the building is completed.

Applicants/recipients undertaking major A&R projects are subject to the review, approval, and documentation requirements included or referenced in this chapter for construction grants.