title to site, construction, modernization, major alteration and renovation, A&R

10.1.4 Title to Site

NIH expects that the applicant holds (or will hold) fee simple title (i.e., absolute ownership of real property or absolute title to land, free of any claims against the title) to the property or other estate or interest in the site (e.g., leasehold interest) on which the construction, modernization, or major A&R is performed. NIH will determine whether an applicant meets this requirement as part of the administrative review of an application.

The applicant must include with the application a legal opinion describing the interest the applicant has in the performance site. The legal opinion should describe any mortgages or other foreclosable liens on the property, including the principal amount of the mortgage (and rate of interest); the dates of the mortgage; the terms and conditions of repayment; the appraised value of the property; and any provisions designed to protect the Federal interest in the property.