eRA Commons

2.2 eRA Commons

eRA Commons is an online interface where grant applicants, recipients and Federal staff at NIH and grantor agencies can conduct their research administration business electronically as well as access and share administrative information relating to research grants. While applicants use to find and apply for grants; the eRA Commons retrieves the application or proposal information from, compiles it into a consistent application format and then makes it available to applicants and NIH staff for electronic research administration purposes.

Access to the eRA Commons is vital for all steps in the NIH grant administration process. Following application submission, the eRA Commons becomes the primary site for accessing grant information such as Institute/Center assignments, review outcomes, Summary Statements, and Notices of Award. The eRA Commons also provides electronic business processes such as Internet Assisted Review, submission of Just-In-Time material, submission of electronic SNAP progress reports (eSNAP), submission of notification of extensions without funds, and submission of Closeout documents. Appropriate user roles are assigned to registered individuals depending on the responsibilities assigned to them by the recipient organization.