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11.4.2 Implementation

The incurrence of a payback obligation for an NRSA recipient is solely dependent upon when NRSA support was received. This section reflects current Payback requirements for individuals.

Predoctoral Recipients. For predoctoral trainees no payback obligation is incurred. Thus, a Payback Agreement Form (PHS 6031) is not required.

Postdoctoral Recipients. For individuals receiving postdoctoral support under individual fellowships or institutional research training grants, a payback obligation is incurred for the first 12 months of Kirschstein-NRSA support. However, the 13th and subsequent months of postdoctoral NRSA supported research training serves to pay back this obligation month by month. A Payback Agreement (PHS 6031) is required but only for the initial 12-month postdoctoral support period.

Short-Term Training. Any individual receiving support for predoctoral short-term training does not incur a payback obligation; however, postdoctoral short-term training does incur a payback obligation. Support for short-term training accrues, along with any subsequent NRSA postdoctoral support, until the first 12 months is established. At that point, the 13th and subsequent months of support serve to offset the obligation month by month. If subsequent postdoctoral support is not received, the individual has an obligation to pay back in the traditional manner.