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How NIH Can Help

NIH shares the concerns of institutions and investigators about the threats and intimidation they may face. As a first line of defense against incidents ranging from harassment and threats to break-ins and acts of domestic terrorism, NIH strongly encourages its grantees to:

  • Operate an impeccable program of animal care and use and maintain their animal research facilities in optimal conditions at all time.
  • Review their research portfolios to determine what activities might be targeted.
  • Make certain that their institutional security group develops relationships with local and state law enforcement before an event happens to ensure that responses to illegal activities are prompt and adequate.
  • Develop a crisis management plan that:

    • safeguards people, animals, and institutions;
    • prepares the institution to respond with openness about the research being conducted; and
    • educates employees on how to protect their families and their personal property.
If an incident occurs involving NIH-funded animal research, what should you do?

  1. Immediately contact the appropriate officials at your institution (eg. your Institutional Official, laboratory veterinarian, security office, etc.)
  2. Immediately contact OLAW if the health or well-being of animals is jeopardized or harmed.
  3. Notify the program official(s) of the NIH funding component(s) of the incident.

What if incidents destroyed animals, research tools, and/or information repositories?

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