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B Bangladesh Belgium Brazil
C Cameroon Canada Chile China Colombia Croatia
D Denmark
E Ecuador
F Finland France
G Germany Greece Guatemala
H Hungary
I India Ireland Israel Italy
J Japan
K Kenya Korea Rep Of
L Lebanon
M Madagascar Mexico
N Netherlands New Zealand Nigeria
P Peru Philippines
R Russia
S Sierra Leone Singapore South Africa Spain Sri Lanka St Kitts/Nevis Suriname Sweden Switzerland
T Taiwan Thailand Tunisia
U Uganda United Arab Em United Kingdom

 Beijing Biocytogen  F16-00305 (A5994-01)
 Beijing Institute of Dental Research-Capital Medical University  F16-00298 (A5987-01)
 BioDuro Co., Ltd.  F16-00286 (A5974-01)
 Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College  F17-00339 ()
 Crown Bioscience, Inc. (Beijing)  F16-00215 (A5896-01)
 Cyagen Biosciences - China  F17-00321 ()
 Fudan University  F16-00168 (A5732-01)
 GenScript-China  F16-00214 (A5892-01)
 Huazong University of Science and Technology (HUST)  F18-00400 ()
 Institut Pasteur of Shanghai  F17-00345 ()
 JOINN Laboratories, Inc.  F16-00301 (A5990-01)
 Medicilon Preclinical Research (Shanghai), LLC  F16-00300 (A5989-01)
 Peking University  F17-00372 ()
 Pharmaron, Inc.  F16-00202 (A5844-01)
 Shanghai ChemPartner Co., Ltd.  F16-00265 (A5953-01)
 Shanghai Veterinary Research Institute  F16-00008 (A5009-01)
 Soochow University  F17-00355 ()
 Southern Medical University  F16-00208 (A5867-01)
 Tsinghua University  F16-00228 (A5916-01)
 University of Hong Kong  F16-00111 (A5486-01)
 Wuhan Institute of Virology  F16-00279 (A5967-01)
 Wuhan University in Wuhan, China  F18-00398 ()
 WuXi App Tec (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  F16-00281 (A5969-01)
 WuXi AppTec (Suzhou) Co. Ltd  F18-00387 ()

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