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Opening Date
(SF424 Only) Opening Date is the earliest date an electronic application may be submitted to - Applies only to SF424 electronic applications. Click on Question Mark for more information.
PAR-16-346 See Related NIDCD 06/28/2016 09/07/2016 09/08/2019 K18 NIDCD Research Career Enhancement Award for Established Investigators (K18)
PAR-16-339 See Related NIDCD 06/23/2016 09/03/2016 06/04/2019 P50 NIDCD Clinical Research Center Grant (P50)
PAR-16-320 See Related NIDCD 06/08/2016 09/18/2016 09/08/2019 K01 NIDCD Mentored Career Development Award for Postdoctorate Au.D./Ph.D. Audiologists (K01)
PAR-16-210 See Related NIDCD 04/21/2016 07/08/2016 05/08/2019 F32 NIDCD Research Dissertation Fellowship for Au.D. Audiologists (F32)
PAR-16-170 See Related NIDCD 04/07/2016 10/03/2016 07/04/2017 R01 Noise-Induced Cochlear Synaptopathy: Basic Studies Informing Potential Therapies (R01)
PAR-16-057 See Related NIDCD 12/11/2015 01/26/2016 10/27/2018 R21 NIDCD Early Career Research (ECR) Award (R21)
PAR-15-116 See Related NIDCD 02/10/2015 05/09/2015 10/11/2017 U01 NIDCD Phase I/II/III Clinical Trials in Communication Disorders (U01)
PAR-15-117 See Related NIDCD 02/10/2015 05/09/2015 10/11/2017 U34 NIDCD Planning Grant for Phase III Clinical Trials in Communication Disorders (U34)
PA-14-235 See Related NIDCD 05/21/2014 09/16/2014 09/08/2017 R21 Advancing Research in Voice Disorders (R21)
PA-14-236 See Related NIDCD 05/21/2014 09/05/2014 09/08/2017 R01 Advancing Research in Voice Disorders (R01)
PA-14-091 See Related NIDCD 02/05/2014 05/05/2014 05/08/2017 R01 NIDCD Research on Hearing Health Care (R01)
PA-14-090 See Related NIDCD 02/05/2014 05/16/2014 05/08/2017 R21 NIDCD Research on Hearing Health Care (R21)
PAR-14-009 See Related NIDCD 11/22/2013 05/23/2014 02/24/2017 R01 NIDCD Research Grants for Translating Basic Research into Clinical Tools (R01)

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