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PAR-18-885 See Related NICHD 08/01/2018 11/04/2018 12/05/2020 R21 Novel Approaches to Safe, Non-Invasive, Real Time Assessment of Human Placenta Development and Function Across Pregnancy (R21 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
PA-18-839 See Related NICHD 06/26/2018 09/16/2018 09/08/2021 R21 Role of Gut Microbiome in Regulating Reproduction and Its Impact on Fertility Status in Women Living with and Without HIV (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)
PAR-18-831 See Related NICHD 06/14/2018 10/07/2018 06/04/2021 R21 The Role of Epitranscriptomics in Development and Disease (R21 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
PA-18-728 See Related NICHD 03/28/2018 05/16/2018 01/08/2021 R21 Research on the Health of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Populations (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)
PAR-18-691 See Related NICHD 03/01/2018 05/16/2018 05/08/2021 R21 Innovative Therapies and Tools for Screenable Disorders (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)
PAR-18-650 See Related NICHD 02/09/2018 02/28/2018 03/31/2019 R21 Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) Research (R21 - Clinical Trial Optional)
PA-18-482 See Related NICHD 12/06/2017 01/16/2018 01/08/2021 R21 NICHD Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant (R21 - Clinical Trial Optional)
PAR-18-214 See Related NICHD 11/28/2017 03/05/2018 04/04/2020 R21 Translational Research in Pediatric and Obstetric Pharmacology and Therapeutics (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)
PA-18-093 See Related NICHD 11/15/2017 01/17/2018 05/08/2019 R21 Oocyte Mitochondrial Function in Relation to Fertility, Aging, and Mitochondrial Diseases (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)
PA-18-049 See Related NICHD 11/15/2017 01/17/2018 05/08/2020 R21 Fertility Status as a Marker for Overall Health (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)
PA-18-048 See Related NICHD 11/15/2017 01/17/2018 01/08/2020 R21 Zika Virus (ZIKV) Complications (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)
PA-18-047 See Related NICHD 11/15/2017 01/17/2018 01/08/2020 R21 Trophoblast Differentiation and Function (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)
PAR-18-094 See Related NICHD 11/06/2017 01/17/2018 05/08/2019 R21 Research to Advance the Understanding and Management of the Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome in Children (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)
PA-18-096 See Related NICHD 11/06/2017 01/17/2018 05/08/2019 R21 Multidisciplinary Research in Vulvodynia (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)
PA-18-045 See Related NICHD 11/03/2017 01/17/2018 09/08/2019 R21 Characterization of the Adolescent Reproductive Transition (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)
PA-18-043 See Related NICHD 11/03/2017 01/17/2018 01/08/2020 R21 Safety and Outcome Measures of Pain Medications Used in Children and Pregnant Women (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)
PA-18-092 See Related NICHD 11/02/2017 01/17/2018 09/08/2019 R21 Advancing Understanding, Prevention and Management of Infections Transmitted from Women to their Infants (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)
PAR-17-192 See Related NICHD 03/29/2017 05/16/2017 05/08/2020 R21 Development of Appropriate Pediatric Formulations and Pediatric Drug Delivery Systems (R21)
PAR-17-169 See Related NICHD 02/21/2017 05/16/2017 05/08/2020 R21 Biomarkers: Bridging Pediatric and Adult Therapeutics (R21)

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