Release Date:  February 26, 1999


National Cancer Institute.

The National Cancer Institute announces the availability of administrative
supplements to institutions with NCI-funded research projects to assist with
the purchase of equipment necessary to establish DNA array facilities.  The
DNA array facilities must be designed to support application of these
comprehensive molecular analysis technologies to innovative cancer research. 
A minimum of five NCI-funded research projects must be served by the
activities of the array facility.  Institutions with NCI-funded research
project (R01), MERIT award (R37), program project (P01), Center Core (P30),
Comprehensive Center (P60) or Specialized Center (P50) grants are eligible.
The work proposed must be within the scope of the research originally approved
by peer-review.

Requests for supplements are limited to one per institution.  Requests must be
limited to the purchase of equipment critical to the DNA array facility. 
Appropriate equipment for which support can be requested includes, but is not
limited to, DNA arrayers, array readers, robotics equipment to facilitate
automation, and, with strong justification, computers to support the
informatics component of the facility.  Applicant institutions will be
expected to support the personnel and other costs associated with the
establishment and continued activities of the DNA array facilities. 
Applicants should include in their requests a brief discussion of plans for
the administration of the facilities.  Discussions should include
consideration of how priorities will be set in order to ensure investigators
from the institution broad access to the facilities.  Where appropriate the
facilities may serve not only the applicant institution but also closely
collaborating groups or institutions.  There is no restriction to the type of
array technology that the applicants may select.  The NCI intramural program
has established a DNA micro-array facility.  Successful applicants electing to
use this particular technology can request information and assistance helpful
in establishing cDNA micro-array facilities in their home institution.

NCI will give consideration to supplement requests from all eligible
applicants.  However, because funds are limited, highest priority will be
given to supplement requests that meet the following criteria.  

1.  The applicant has provided a detailed description of five funded cancer
research projects that will benefit from the presence of the array facility. 
This includes descriptions of how the availability of array technology will
enhance ongoing research efforts.  Although these descriptions should be as
concise as possible, sufficient detail must be provided to allow NCI to judge
the merit of the requested supplement.

2.  The applicant has provided documentation of the institutional commitment
to support the array facility.  This includes a commitment of continued
support for the facility.  Applicants must document how they will support the
personnel needed for the effective functioning of the facility.  Applicants
must also document availability of appropriate laboratory space for the

3.  The applicant has provided a detailed description of the equipment
requested and has carefully documented and justified the requested budget
which may not exceed a total cost of $250,000.  The request must be
countersigned by the grantee institutionĂ¾s business office.

4.  The applicant has provided a discussion of how the DNA array facilities
will be administered.  Special attention should be given to setting priorities
for the facilities and to ensuring equitable access by the projects discussed
in item 1.

A request for a supplement under this announcement should be submitted in the
form of a letter which includes a detailed budget.  The requests are submitted
directly to the NCI program director who is responsible for the administration
of the grant to be supplemented.  The   program director is identified on the
most recent Notice of Grant Award.  Grantees are strongly encouraged to
discuss the request with their program directors before submitting.

This is a one time announcement with requests submitted on or before May 5,
1999.  The request will be evaluated by the program director responsible for
the administration of the grant and then evaluated and prioritized by an NCI
committee of extramural program staff who have expertise in this scientific
area.  NCI has set aside $2.5 million to support these supplements.


General inquires relating to this notice should be directed to: 

James W. Jacobson, Ph.D.
Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis
National Cancer Institute
6130 Executive Boulevard, Room 700
Bethesda, MD  20892
Telephone:  (301) 402-4185
FAX:  (301) 402-7819

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