Release Date: February 11, 1999


National Institutes of Health
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research

The purpose of this notice is to increase awareness of delinquency in child
support payments.  As stated in Executive Order #12953, issued February 27,
1995, "Children need and deserve the emotional and financial support of both
their parents."  Under this Executive Order, the Federal Government requires
States and, through them, public and private employers to take actions
necessary to ensure that monies in payment of child support obligations are
withheld and transferred to the child's caretaker in an efficient and
expeditious manner.  The Federal Government, as the Nation's largest single
employer, is establishing itself as an example of leadership and encouragement
in ensuring that all children are properly supported.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Agency for Health Care Policy
and Research (AHCPR) in partnership with the Department of Health and Human
Services (DHHS), strongly urge grantee organizations to be aware and sensitive
to this issue, and to develop and implement strategies that promote payment of
child support.  Payment of child support is a legal obligation and an
investment in the health and well being of our nation's best resource, our
children.  Public and private employers are required by law to report the
name, address, and social security number of newly hired employees, and the
employer's name, address, and IRS identification number to a designated State
agency within 20 days of the date of hire.  Employers must also ensure that
correct amounts of child support are withheld from employees' wages for all,
not only newly hired employees.  The Department of Health and Human Services
is committed to taking every possible step to ensuring that child support is
paid regularly, on time, and in an appropriate amount.  Children need and
deserve this type of protection and involvement and we thank you for your
efforts on behalf of the nation's children.


Questions concerning this notice may be directed to the NIH Division of Grants
Policy at (301) 435-0949 or the AHCPR Office of Management Grants Management
Staff at (301) 594-1840 or Contract Management Staff (301) 594-7191.

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