Release Date:  March 17, 1999


National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) announces the availability of
administrative supplements to NCI-funded research project (R01), FIRST Award
(R29), cooperative agreement (U01), and program project (P01) grants to assist
with unanticipated costs associated with the development and validation of
mouse models of human cancer.  In addition, NCI-funded investigators whose
research involves investigations of mouse models and who require supplemental
support to take advantage of new opportunities afforded by these cancer models
may submit a request detailing the basis for the needed supplement

To support this activity, the NCI has set aside funds for administrative
supplements in the area of research on mouse models of human cancer.  Any
inadequate support or unanticipated costs in this broadly defined area may be
the basis for a supplement request under this program.

Requests must meet the criteria required for all administrative supplements:
(1) the supplement funding may not exceed the project period for the grant;
and, (2) the work proposed must be within the scope of the research originally
approved.  Because funds are limited, the NCI will give highest priority to
administrative supplement requests that meet the following criteria:

1.  The grantee has substantial evidence that an existing model may be a good
preclinical model for human cancer.
o  Funds are needed to develop or refine the model further through additional
studies, such as detailed molecular or genetic characterization, or in-depth
o  Funds are needed for pilot experiments to determine a model's suitability
for testing therapy or prevention modalities.

2.  Studies to develop or refine or validate existing mouse models that may be
useful as preclinical models for cancer will take priority over plans to
derive new models for this purpose, because the latter experiments will likely
exceed the limited scope of an administrative supplement.

3.  Grantees may request 1 to 4 years of support; however, the funding request
may generally not exceed $50,000/year of direct costs, and the requested
budget must be appropriately justified.

4.  Requests should contain enough detail to allow the NCI to judge the merit
of the research opportunity and the need for additional funds.  All requests
require an itemized budget and must be countersigned by the grantee
institution business office.

A request for an administrative supplement under this program, like any other
administrative supplement request, should be sent directly to the NCI program
director who is responsible for administration of the grant and who is
identified on the latest Notice of Grant Award.  Grantees are strongly
encouraged to discuss with their NCI program directors the specific reasons
for their supplements before submission.  Requests will be considered for
funding three times only; submission deadlines are December 15, 1998, and
April 15 and June 1, 1999.  The requests will be first evaluated by the
program director for the grant, then by an internal NCI review committee of
extramural program staff with experience in the area of research.  The NCI
expects to make decisions about these supplements within about 60 days of the
submission deadlines.


General inquiries related to this notice may be directed to:

Cheryl L. Marks,  Ph.D.
Division of Cancer Biology
National Cancer Institute
Executive Plaza North, Room 501
Bethesda, MD  20892-7381
Telephone:  (301) 435-5226
FAX:  (301) 496-8656

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