Release Date:  June 4 1998



National Institute of Mental Health

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is issuing a Request for
Proposals (RFP) entitled "NIMH Chemical Synthesis Program" as Full and Open
Competition under SIC Code 2899.

The purpose of this requirement is to:  (1) synthesize essential compounds
such as psychoactive drugs, chemicals, probes, synthetic intermediates,
radiolabeled compounds for autoradiography, that are unavailable from
commercial sources to stimulate research on the molecular pharmacology and
signal transduction mechanisms of central nervous system (CNS) receptors,
molecular, biochemical, and behavioral actions of psychoactive drugs, and the
development of potential therapeutic agents for the treatment of mental
disorders.  The resultant contract will provide chemical synthesis of
selective ligands for CNS receptor subtypes, ion channel modulators, signal
transduction agents, peptides, small molecules, and unlabeled precursors for
use in neuroimaging as requested by NIMH-approved private and public
investigators; and (2) to synthesize approximately 15 to 20 NIMH-approved
compounds per year, store and maintain new and existing compounds in a central
repository (the NIMH Chemical Inventory), maintain an electronic database of
compounds with specificity information, and distribute compounds to NIMH-
approved private and public investigators. Interested sources shall
demonstrate the capability to carry out intermediate scale (10-1000 g) multi-
step chemical syntheses (GMP and non-GMP), automated peptide synthesis,
separation of enantiomers, preparation of families of structural analogs,
purification of compounds, and documentation of chemical properties by
analytic methods.

The objectives of the contract will be to receive and test approximately 200
to 300 NIMH-approved and coded samples (synthetic compounds, gene products,
and natural product extracts) per year in primary broad-based CNS receptor and
enzyme screening assays, to test active samples in secondary functional
assays, and to provide an electronic data file for each of the screened

RFP No. NIMH-98-DB-0015 will be available on or about June 2, 1998 and the
receipt date for proposals is July 7, 1998.  The RFP may be accessed through
the NIMH Home Page by using the following instructions:  access the home page
at, first select "Grants and Contracts", then select
"NIMH Request for Proposals (RFP)", and lastly select "NIMH-98-DB-0015."  
Please note that the RFP for this requirement will include the Statement of
Work, Deliverables and Reporting Requirements, the Technical Evaluation
Criteria, and proposal preparation instructions.  All information required for
the submission of an offer will be contained in the electronic RFP package. 
Following proposal submission and initial review process, offerors comprising
of the competitive range will be requested to provide additional documentation
to the Contracting Officer.  All responsible sources may submit a proposal
that will be considered by the NIMH.  This advertisement does not commit the
Government to award a contract.

The NIMH plans to award a three year cost-reimbursement contract, and plans to
make the award by September 30, 1998.  This will a similar requirement to NIMH
Contract N01MH30003 currently held by Research Biochemical International.


Inquiries may be directed to:

Patricia L. Gibbons
Contracts Management Branch
National Institute of Mental Health
5600 Fishers Lane, Room 9C-15
Rockville, MD  20857-8030
Telephone:  (301) 443-2696

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