Release Date:  March 6, 1998


National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) announces the availability of research
specimens from the Cooperative Human Tissue Network (CHTN).  The CHTN provides
normal, benign, pre-cancerous and cancerous human tissue for biomedical research.
Trained personnel coordinate the retrieval, preservation and delivery of
specimens from surgical resection and autopsy.  During the first nine years of
operation, the CHTN has supplied more than 100,000 specimens to approximately 600
investigators.  Human tissue provided by the CHTN has been utilized for a variety
of research projects, such as studies of gene isolation, gene deletion, gene
mutation, growth factors, isoenzymes, subcellular organelles, flow cytometry, DNA
hybridization and the development of monoclonal antibodies and cell lines.  Five
member institutions coordinate the collection and distribution of tissues in the
US and Canada.

Human tissue specimens are collected to meet an investigatorþs individual
requirements.  Researchers may specify preservation methods including fresh
tissue (in any medium), fixed (in any fixative), and frozen (snap frozen or
frozen in a tissue embedding media such as OCT).  Histological specimens (blocks
and slides) may also be available.  Pathology data and histological
characterization is routinely provided with the specimens.  Additional
information may be available if requested in advance.  Since the most appropriate
collection, storage and distribution methods depend on the research approach and
tissue type, investigators should discuss their needs with the CHTN
representative to assure access to the largest number and range of appropriate
research specimens.

In order for the CHTN to collect and provide quality tissue specimens to meet
specific user needs, each investigator is required to complete a detailed tissue
request form.  This includes information about the type and amount of tissue
required, tissue preparation, storage, and shipment requirements (e.g., media,
snap frozen, sterile).  The CHTN makes every effort to tailor collection, storage
and shipment to the needs of the investigator.  Tissue is provided according to
the following priority order:

1.  Funded, peer-reviewed investigators, including those from Federal and
National laboratories.
2.  New investigators and academic investigators developing new research
3.  Other investigators.

A nominal processing fee is charged to cover some of the cost of collecting,
preparing, and handling the tissue.  In addition, the investigator must pay for
the cost of shipping specimens to his/her laboratory.  Additional information,
including the application forms, may be obtained from the CHTN Internet site at: or from the division that serves your
geographical area:

CHTN EASTERN DIVISION -  The Eastern Division covers the northeast, the area
bounded by the western border of Pennsylvania, and the southern border of
Maryland as well as Alaska and Hawaii.

Contact: Ms. Kelly Feil
University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
566 Dulles Building
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA  19104-4283
Telephone:  (215) 662-4570
FAX:  (215) 614-0251

CHTN MIDWESTERN DIVISION -  The Midwestern Division extends from West Virginia
and states west of Pennsylvania north to Minnesota and south through Missouri as
well as Canada.

Contact: Ms. Carolyn Cordial
The Ohio State University
Tissue Procurement
N-305 Doan Hall
410 W. 10th Avenue
Columbus, OH  43210
Telephone:  (614) 293-5493
FAX:  (614) 293-5851

CHTN PEDIATRIC DIVISION - The Pediatric Division provides children"s normal,
benign, and diseased tissues nationwide.

Contact: Ms. Sandra Brewer-Swartz
Children"s Hospital
700 Children"s Drive, Room W144
Columbus, OH  43205
Telephone:  (614) 722-2892
FAX:  (614) 722-2897

CHTN SOUTHERN DIVISION -  The Southern Division encompasses Kentucky and Virginia
and all states south and west of the Carolinas to Texas.

Contact: Ms. Katherine Sexton
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Tissue Procurement
703 South 19th Street, ZRB 449
Birmingham, AL  35294-0007
Telephone:  (205) 934-6071
FAX:  (205) 934-0816

CHTN WESTERN DIVISION - The Western Division includes the states north of
Oklahoma and west of Texas.

Contact:  Mr. Bob Wyza
Case Western Reserve University
Tissue Procurement
Institute of Pathology, Room B-30
2085 Adelbert Road
Cleveland, OH  44106
Telephone:  (216) 368-1636
FAX:  (216) 368-1639


Information on additional NCI-supported human tissue and data resources for
cancer research may be obtained by contacting:

Ms. Marianna Bledsoe
Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis
National Cancer Institute
Telephone:  (301) 496-7147
FAX:  (301) 402-7819

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