NIH Guide, Volume 26, Number 35, October 17, 1997

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication
Disorders (NIDCD) will continue to support selected Program
Announcements (PAs) that it has issued since its formation in 1989,
and will continue to support trans-NIH PAs relevant to the NIDCD
mission in the areas of hearing, balance, smell, taste, voice,
speech, and language. Certain other NIDCD PAs will be terminated. 
This Notice applies to application receipt deadlines of October
1997 and thereafter.

All applications will continue to be assigned on the basis of
established Public Health Service guidelines.  The NIDCD will also
inform the scientific community of changes in NIDCD areas of
research interest through the NIDCD Home Page.

CONTINUATIONS.  NIDCD will continue to accept applications in
response to the PAs listed below.  Applicants should continue to
enter the number and title of the active PA in item 2 on the face
page of the grant application form PHS 398.

The title and number of each NIDCD PA published in the NIH Guide
for Grants and Contracts are shown.  Those PAs issued in 1992 and
thereafter can be viewed and printed from the NIDCD Home Page;
printed copies of earlier PAs can be obtained from the individual
listed in the INQUIRIES section of this Notice.


PAR-97-012  Small Grant Program for the NIDCD
PA-96-035   Chemical Senses:  Neurotransmitters and Neuromodulators
PA-96-032   Communication Competence of Users of Augmentative and
Communication (AAC) Systems
PA-96-024   NIDCD Program for Postdoctoral Research Training in
Clinical Trials


PA-96-009   Central Auditory System Plasticity in Adults
PA-96-090   Olfactory Neurogenesis
PA-95-034   Evaluation, Treatment and Prognosis of the
Communication Sequelae of Traumatic Brain Injury


PA-95-009   Prediction and Determination of Hearing Aid Benefit
PA-94-093   Nasal and Oral Trigeminal Chemoreception
PA-94-091   Mechanisms Underlying Sign Language Acquisition and Use
PA-94-039   Articulation Disorders of Unknown Origin in Children
PA-94-030   Effects of Signal Processing on Speech Understanding in
Quiet and in Noise


PA-94-013   Mechanotransduction in the Vestibular Labyrinth
PA-93-068   Immune-Mediated Sensorineural Hearing Loss
PA-93-066   Vestibular Reflexes During Natural Motion
PA-93-061   Congenital Cytomegalovirus: Understanding Infection and


PA-93-024   Vulnerability of the Olfactory System to the Impact of
Environmental Toxicants and Pathogens
PA-93-011   Identification and Treatment of Childhood Language
Impairment in Multicultural Populations
PA-93-001   Chemoreception and Nutrition
PA-92-107   Hearing Impairment and Other Communication Disorders
Associated with CMV Infection, HIV Infection, and AIDS
PA 92-106   Molecular Bases of Repair and Regeneration of the
Auditory Receptor
PA-92-108   Travel Fellowships for Underrepresented Minority
Students in Communication Sciences and Disorders:


PA-91-91    Genetics and Fundamental Mechanisms of Chemical Senses
PA-91-92    Literacy in Deaf Individuals
PA-91-93    Mechanisms of Voice Disorders


PA-90-37    Language Learning in Deaf Children

1989 (Program Announcements prior to 1990 were not assigned PA

Taste System Plasticity: Development, Maintenance, and Regeneration
Behavioral, Etiologic and Physiologic Aspects of Stuttering

NIDCD will continue to support the following trans-NIH and
trans-agency PAs:


PA-96-002   The Human Brain Project: Phase I Feasibility Studies
PA-95-079   Pathophysiology of Anorexia in Disease and Aging


PA-94-089   Mechanisms of Sensorimotor Adaptation


PA 91-09    Studies on Obesity


The Effects of Oral Factors on Taste and Smell
Basic and Clinical Research on Normal and Impaired Oral-Motor

TERMINATIONS.  Certain PAs issued prior to 1991 and listed below
will be withdrawn.  The number and title of a terminated PA should
not be entered in item 2 on the face page of the grant application
form PHS 398.  Applicants should consider the possibility of
submitting applications in response to more contemporary PAs that
have superseded the examples of research issues and research
approaches described within the terminated PAs.  The Notice, NIDCD
RESEARCH AREAS OF SPECIAL EMPHASIS, provides a broad array of
contemporary research issues and approaches of interest to the


Central Taste Pathways and Neurochemistry


Vestibular System: Biochemistry and Pharmacology
Nasal Chemoreception Regeneration and Trophic Interactions


Inquiries are encouraged.  The opportunity to clarify any issues or
questions from potential applicants is welcome.

Direct inquiries to:

Dr. Judith Cooper
Division of Human Communication
National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
6120 Executive Boulevard, Room 400-C - MSC-7180
Bethesda, MD  20892-7180
Telephone:  (301) 496-5061
FAX:  (301) 402-6251
Email:  Judith_Cooper@NIH.GOV

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