NIH GUIDE, Volume 26, Number 32, September 26, 1997

National Institutes of Health

The National Institutes of Health has moved ASKNIH email to a new server. 
Messages sent to the previous email address will be forwarded transparently to
the new ASKNIH email address until October 17, 1997.  The "From" address in email
replies from ASKNIH is the correct new address, which is also provided under
INQUIRIES in this notice.  Please update email address books, publications, and
other relevant materials.


ASKNIH provides general information about the NIH extramural research and
research training programs.  Application kits and other forms can be obtained
from ASKNIH.  Inquiries and requests for materials may be submitted by telephone
and email.  The ASKNIH Exhibits Program brings NIH staff to conferences and
meetings of  the medical research community.  Currently, ASKNIH is handling about
700 "live" telephone inquiries, 400 voice mail messages, and 500 email messages
per month and provides an information booth at several national meetings each

The five ASKNIH staffers have had extensive and varied experience with the NIH
extramural grant and fellowship programs.   Former and current roles of the
ASKNIH staff include trainee, grantee, NIH program administrator, NIH review
administrator, program analyst, public affairs specialist, technical writer.  The
staff receives training for handling ASKNIH inquiries and to ensure that ASKNIH
can provide the most up-to-date information possible.

Some ways that ASKNIH can help are listed below.

o  ASKNIH answers general questions about the NIH research and research training
programs and the application and review procedures for those awards.

o  ASKNIH teaches how to find and use needed information from the NIH system of
web sites.

o  For the occasions in which person-to-person contact is helpful, ASKNIH
staffers are available by telephone from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through
Friday, except on Federal holidays.

o  When an inquiry is not appropriate for ASKNIH, ASKNIH refers the call or email
to the appropriate office.  If ASKNIH is not certain of the correct referral,
ASKNIH will find the correct office for the inquirer, if desired.

o  ASKNIH processes voicemail and email orders for forms and publications.  For
convenience and economy, the NIH strongly encourages the offices of sponsored
programs (or equivalent, by any name) of the applicant/awardee organizations and
the NIH grants management offices to order forms in quantities sufficient to meet
the needs of their organizations for six months or more.  Most researchers can
obtain application materials locally, from the office of sponsored programs of
their employer, or from the Grants Sector ( of
the NIH system of web sites (, more quickly than by placing
an order with ASKNIH.  However, if neither the local nor the electronic resource
is available to an individual, ASKNIH will process a small order to meet that
person's needs.


To use the ASKNIH services:

Telephone: 301-710-0267

For information about the ASKNIH Exhibits Program:

Ms. Judith Grover
Division of Extramural Outreach and Information Resources
National Institutes of Health
Rockledge II, Room 6202
Bethesda, MD 20892-7910
Telephone: 301-435-2801

For information about ASKNIH:

Claudia Blair, Ph.D., Director
Division of Extramural Outreach and Information Resources
National Institutes of Health
Rockledge II, Room 6208
Bethesda, MD 20892-7910
Telephone: 301-435-2801

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