NIH GUIDE, Volume 26, Number 22, June 27, 1997




P.T. 34


  Nervous System 



National Institute on Drug Abuse


The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), Intramural Research

Program(IRP) is soliciting proposals from qualified organizations

having in-house capability to perform specific experimental

procedures that will duplicate published work that has demonstrated

spinal cord regeneration is possible.  The research will build on

work published by Drs. Cheng, Cao and Olson in Science 96.  The

project will study spinal cord regeneration and trophic factor repair

using techniques developed by Drs. Cheng, Cao and Olson. The

contractor will be required to carry out experiments using multiple

(18) fine peripheral nerve graft bridges across spinal cord lesion,

that reroute and regenerate nerve fibers from white matter to grey

matter; using precisely defined positioning of the nerve grafts and

stabilization of the engrafted area with fibrin-based tissue glue.

Research will focus on electrophysiological analysis of the

connections across the repaired spinal cord.  The studies carried out

by this contract will evaluate whether patterns of activity in motor

neurons, sensory neurons and interneurons in several spinal cord

areas can be normalized by current or improved repair protocols.

This research project will also provide detailed gait analysis of the

hindlimb function using specialized testing techniques (e.g., the

Open Field Walking Score and the Combined Behavior Score) in animals

that have had the repair strategies done.  The contractor will be

required to observe and analyze the gait of rats after spinal cord

regeneration. The contractor must have experience and expertise in

spinal cord regeneration, complex gait analysis, synapse formation,

fibrin-based tissue glue, trophic factor repair, regeneration of

white matter and related neurotrophic factors.


It is anticipated that one cost reimbursement, completion or fixed

price type contract will be awarded for a period of two years.


RFP No. N01DA-7-9054 will be available electronically on or about

June 23, 1997, and may be accessed through the NIH Gopher and/or the

Internet by using the following electronic mail addresses and



1.  NIH Home Page (via the World Wide Web): Access the NIH Home Page

by using http://www.nih.gov . Once you are at the NIH Home Page,

select ~Grants and Contracts~; select ~NIH Gopher directory: listed

under the ~Contracts Page~ section.  Once at the NIH R&D Gopher,

select ~RFPs Available~; select ~NIDA~; and select ~RFP N01DA-7-

9054".   (URL: gopher://gopher.nih.gov:70/11/res/rd-rfp)


2.  NIH Gopher: Point your Gopher client to GOPHER.NIH.GOV Port 70

(you should now be in the NIH Gopher).  Select ~Grant and Research

Information~; select ~R&D Request for Proposals (RFP)~; select ~RFPs

Available~; select ~NIDA~; and, select ~RFP N01DA-7-9054".


Please note that the RFP for this acquisition will be streamlined to

include only the Work Statement, deliverable and reporting

requirements, special requirements and mandatory qualifications,

Technical Evaluation Criteria, and proposal preparation instructions.

All information required for the submission of an offer will be

contained in the electronic RFP package.


Response to this RFP will be due on or about July 23, 1997.  Any

responsible offeror may submit a proposal which will be considered by

the Government.  This advertisement does not commit the Government to

award a contract.




For further information, contact:


Dale S. Weiss

National Institute on Drug Abuse

5600 Fishers Lane, Room 10-49

Rockville, MD  20857

Telephone:  (301) 443-1301

FAX:  (301) 443-7595

Email:  dw79f@nih.gov



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