NIH GUIDE, Volume 26, Number 17, May 23, 1997


RFP AVAILABLE:  263-97-P(LK)-0028


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  Data Management/Analysis+ 

  Health Care Economics 


National Institutes of Health


The Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health, Department

of Clinical Bioethics, has a research and development project for

research-oriented organizations with a background in end-of-life

issues. Work to be performed will include detailed

analyses/comparisons and reviews of end of life costs, including

resources utilization data for Calendar Years 1994 and 1995 for

individual patients with cancer (between the ages of 18-64 and 65 and

older), in the last 12 months of life, in both managed care health

plans as well as fee for service health care plans from one

geographic region of the United States. This data, will be provided

by the Government within 30 days after contract award. The Government

will provide the Medicare SEER related data after the Contractor

working in conjunction with the Project Officer and HCFA has

identified appropriate files for analysis. The identification will

require the contractor to determine exactly what quantity, type and

configuration is needed in order to perform the required analysis.


The work to be performed will be done in three phases: Phase

I-Separate analytical files containing costs and resources

utilization from cancer patients in each of the identified health

care plans shall be created. Additional data from the Medicare

related SEER data shall also be incorporated into these analytical



These files for cost and resources utilization data from each health

insurer and managed care plan shall then be merged. During this

process, the contractor shall be required to compare files, fill in

missing data, derive descriptive data on costs and resource

utilization from each file (including averages), make descriptive

comparisons of costs and resources utilization among the health

insurers and managed care plans.


In Phase II, the contractor shall develop models (based on the

results of Phase I) to predict cost and resource utilization of

terminal patients in the various health care plans. These models

shall include risk adjusted comparisons of cost and resources

utilization among the health insurers and managed care plans. The

variables to be addressed shall include but not be limited to: age,

length of time with cancer and other relevant variables. In Phase III

of the Project, the contractor shall be required to publish at least

two articles/manuscripts detailing the results of the work (including

tables and appropriate figures) in peer review publications.

Additionally, the contractor will be required to make oral

presentations at professional meetings as deemed necessary by the

Government as well as make at least one briefing for Clinical Center

Management on the results of this contract. The period of contract

performance shall be for 30 months.




Oral requests for the solicitation will not be honored.  No collect

calls will be accepted.  Written requests for copies of the

solicitation may be directed to:


Mrs. Johhnie Rice or Ann Argaman

Office of Procurement Management

National Institutes of Health

6120 Executive Boulevard, Room 803

Rockville, MD  20892

Telephone:  (301) 402-3086  or (301) 496-6254



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