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GUIDE, Volume 24, Number 40, November 24, 1995


This Notice provides additional information regarding the Mentored

Research Scientist Development Award (MRSDA) supported by the

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development through the

National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research.  This

information must be used in conjunction with the general description

of the MRSDA issued in the NIH Guide, PA-95-049, Volume 24, No. 15,

April 28, 1995.




The objectives of the National Center for Medical Rehabilitation

Research in utilizing the Mentored Research Scientist Development

Award are:


o  rehabilitation-related professions and possess doctoral level

research degrees to develop the technical and investigational skills

that will allow them to pursue independent research careers in the

field of medical rehabilitation;


o  to use state-of-the-art methods to address significant topics in

medical rehabilitation research.




Eligibility for the NCMRR K01 is limited to clinically trained

individuals in rehabilitation-related professions (e.g., P.T., O.T.,

R.N.), who possess a doctoral-level research degree (e.g., Ph.D.,

D.Eng., Ed.D.), and who are committed to developing careers as

independent investigators in medical rehabilitation research.

Applicants may undertake three to five years of advanced study and

supervised research with the goal of developing into independent

investigators.  Individuals who need an intensive research experience

under the guidance of an established scientist are eligible to apply

as are those who, by the time of award, will have concluded training

support under institutional training grants or individual fellowships

from NIH or other sources.  Women, minorities, and individuals with

disabilities are encouraged to apply.  Current or past principal

investigators on an NIH grant (other than an R03 or R15) or its

equivalent are not eligible.




Applicants must be nominated by an institution on the basis of

qualifications, interests, accomplishments, motivation, and potential

for performing quality research.  Each applicant must identify a

primary mentor who is an accomplished investigator in the research

area proposed and has experience in training new investigators.  A

secondary mentor may also be proposed for guidance in a special area

of expertise, but the primary mentor must continue to be involved

throughout the award period. Candidates may choose to propose both a

basic research mentor and a clinical research mentor, if appropriate.


An advisory committee composed of the mentor(s) and two or three

other senior faculty members should be identified.  This committee

should meet at least annually with the candidate to review the

research development plan and project, to evaluate his or her

progress, and to provide guidance for future scientific career

development.  A report from this committee should be included in the

annual progress report submitted as part of the noncompeting

continuation application.


The candidate must have a full-time appointment at the applicant

institution.  A minimum of 75 percent effort must be devoted to the

research program.  Individual compensation is based on the

institution's salary scale for individuals at an equivalent

experience level.  Funding from this award for salary may not exceed

$50,000 per year plus commensurate fringe benefits for a full-time

employee with at least 75 percent effort devoted to the research

program.  NIH policy permits supplementation of salary from

non-Federal sources.  A maximum of $15,000 per year may be requested

for research costs such as technical personnel, supplies, small items

of equipment, candidate travel, telecommunications, publication

costs, and tuition for necessary courses.




Recipients of this award are required to submit a detailed annual

progress report during the period of award.  For a period of five

years subsequent to completion of the MRSDA, recipients must also

provide a report describing time devoted to research, academic status

attained, publications, and research support obtained.




In addition to those announced for the generic MRSDA, specific review

considerations will include the degree to which the career plans will

enable the candidate to pursue a research career in medical

rehabilitation research and the appropriateness of the advisory

committee to meet the research career evaluation needs of the

candidate's program.


Applications for the NICHD/NCMRR K01 will be evaluated for scientific

and technical merit by an NICHD Review Committee, in accordance with

NIH peer review procedure.  Following the initial review,

applications will undergo a second level review by the National

Advisory Child Health and Human Development Council.




Written, telephone, and electronic inquiries are encouraged.  The

opportunity to clarify any issues or questions from potential

applicants is welcome.  Direct inquiries regarding programmatic

issues and requests for supplemental instructions for completing and

submitting the application to the appropriate NICHD contact listed



Danuta Krotoski, Ph.D.

Basic Rehabilitation Medicine Research Branch

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Building 61E, Room 2A03

Bethesda, MD  20892-7510

Telephone:  (301) 402-2242

FAX:  (301) 402-0832



Louis A. Quatrano, Ph.D.

Applied Rehabilitation Medicine Research Branch

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Building 61E, Room 2A03

Bethesda, MD  20892-7510

Telephone:  (301) 402-2242

FAX:  (301) 402-0832



Inquiries regarding financial or policy issues should be directed to:


Diane Watson

Office of Grants and Contracts

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Building 61E, Room 8A01A

Bethesda, MD  20892-7510

Telephone:  (3301z0 596-5001

FAX:  (301) 402-0915




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