NIH GUIDE, Volume 25, Number 44, December 20, 1996


PA NUMBER:  PAR-97-016


P.T. 22


  Biomedical Research Training 



National Institute of Nursing Research


The following erratum is issued for PAR-97-016, which appeared in the

NIH Guide, Vol. 25, No. 43, December 13, 1996.


Under the heading "Review Criteria", paragraph 3 should read:


Level 1 - The applicant has not formally started course work or is in

the first quarter/semester of graduate study.  The applicant may or

may not have a postmaster's research experience.


Paragraphs 5 and 6 should read:


Level 2 - The applicant has completed one semester of course work,

has not completed candidacy examinations or has not had a research

proposal approved by the dissertation committee.


The specific review criteria will be based on progress toward

completion of the research training program requirements.  The

critical determinant will be the degree of course completion at the

time the application was written.  There should be a short

description sufficient to indicate the content of courses taken or

planned relating to the research area.  There should be a clearly

defined problem area and statement of purpose.  The review of the

literature should include analyses and synthesis related to concepts

important to the research topic proposed.  The project's research

design and methods and its significance and originality should be

defined.  The sponsor should have expertise in the content and

methodology in the proposed research.  The sponsor's statement should

show knowledge of the applicant's plan as well as a description of

resources available.  If the sponsor does not have total expertise, a

cosponsorship should be included with expertise in the content and/or

methodology proposed.


Paragraph 7 and 8 should read:


Level 3 - The applicant has completed course work.


The specific review criteria will be the same as for Level 2

applicants except for:  1) the research project should be defined and

detailed with a well-developed research design and methods section

and 2) the inclusion of dissertation committee members and their

areas of expertise, as well as the university's resources in the

sponsor's statement.


Under the heading "Award Criteria", paragraph 1 should read:


NINR staff use the following criteria in making awards:


- IRG recommendation of the overall merit of the application

- relevance of the application to Institute research priorities and

program balance, and

- availability of funds.




Inquiries regarding this PA may be directed to:


Lynn M. Amende, Ph.D.

Division of Extramural Activities

National Institute of Nursing Research

Building 45, Room 3AN-12

Bethesda, MD  20892-6300

Telephone:  (301) 594-5968

FAX:  (301) 480-8260




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