NIH GUIDE, Volume 25, Number 25, July 26, 1996


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National Cancer Institute


The following information was inadvertently omitted from the SPECIAL

REQUIREMENTS section immediately preceding the section on Terms and

Conditions of Award in RFA CA-96-011, "Cooperative Family Registry

for Epidemiologic Studies of Colon Cancer," published in the NIH

Guide, Volume 25, Number 21, June 28, 1996:




AWARDEE:  The organization to which a cooperative agreement is

awarded and which is responsible and accountable to NCI for the use

of funds provided and for performance of the project supported by the

cooperative agreement.


PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (PI):  The single individual at the Awardee's

Institution designated by the Awardee in the cooperative agreement

application, who is responsible for the scientific and technical

direction of the project.


OPERATION CORE (OP):  The central site at the Applicant/Awardee

Institution that handles the coordination and storage of

epidemiological and pedigree data and the biological specimen

repository.  All the data and specimens from each Applicant/Awardee

Institution will be coordinated and located at one central location

within the Awardee's own Institution.  The PI serves as the head of

the Coordination Site.


NCI PROGRAM COORDINATOR:  The Extramural Programs Branch (EPB)

Program Director and who will be interacting scientifically and

administratively with the Applicant/Awardee Institutions and

providing guidance of the overall program for NCI.


STEERING COMMITTEE (SC):  A committee whose membership includes the

NCI Program Coordinator, the PI and one other investigator from each

awarded cooperative agreement, and one research scientist with

expertise in translational colorectal cancer research who is not

affiliated with any of the Awardee Institutions.  This research

scientist on the SC will be appointed by mutual agreement of the NCI

Program Coordinator and the PIs.  The SC will serve as the governing

board of the CFRCCS.  (For further information on the SC functions,

see 3.a. under Terms and Conditions of Award.)


ADVISORY COMMITTEE (AC):  A committee composed of senior scientists

with experience in multidisciplinary and translational colorectal

cancer research and the NCI Program Coordinator.  The members of the

panel will evaluate all research proposals (those of the awardees as

well as proposals from the research community at-large) proposing to

utilize the CFRCCS's resources according to the evaluation and the

review criteria provided by the SC. The AC will provide a

recommendation to the SC regarding the priority of the proposed

research.  The membership of the AC may vary, as "ad hoc" members may

be selected by the SC if additional expertise is needed for specific

proposals to be reviewed.  All permanent AC members will be selected

by the SC (two nominees per awarded site), and their tenure will be

for two years.  (For further information on the AC functions, see

3.b. under Terms and Conditions of Award.)


All other aspects of the RFA remain the same.




Direct inquiries regarding programmatic issues to:


Dr. Daniela Seminara

Extramural Programs Branch

National Cancer Institute

Executive Plaza North, Suite 535

6130 Executive Boulevard MSC 7395

Bethesda, MD  20892-7395

Telephone:  (301) 496-9600




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