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Review Procedures for NIDA Center Grant Applications


The purpose of this notice is to inform the research community of the

procedures the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) will follow in

the review of center applications.  See also NIDA Research Center

Grant Program Guidelines, December 1995 and a subsequent amendment

published in the NIH Guide, Vol. 25, No. 4, February 16, 1996.


Duration of the review cycle:  The review of center applications will

consist of a three phase process, which will take two rounds of

review to complete.  Initially, an application will be reviewed by a

center committee primarily for "centerness".  This assessment will

include considerations such as scientific significance, thematic

integration, synergy of approach, extent of unique contributions,

quality of leadership and other factors cited in the above mentioned

guidelines.  If the application does not meet the criteria for

"centerness", the review will be concluded and the application will

not be recommended for further consideration.  If the application

meets the "centerness" criteria, it will be further evaluated for its

scientific merit by a group of appropriate substantive experts.  The

results of the scientific evaluation will be submitted to the center

committee at their next regularly scheduled meeting.  A final

priority score, if appropriate, will be assigned by the center



Schedule for June 1 Applications:  For applications submitted for the

June 1, 1996 receipt date, the "centerness" review will be scheduled

during the months of October or November.  The scientific merit

review will be completed at the February/March 1997 meeting of the

center committee.  Applications that are scored at this meeting will

be presented to the May meeting of the NIDA Advisory Council.


Schedule for October 1 Applications:  For applications submitted for

the October 1, 1996 receipt date, the "centerness" review will occur

during the months of February or March 1997 followed by an evaluation

of the scientific merit for successful applications and a subsequent

final review by the center committee in June or July 1997.  The

scored applications will be presented to the September 1997 meeting

of the NIDA Advisory Council.


P20 and P30 Applications:  For P20 and P30 applications, the process

may be abbreviated depending upon the results of the initial review

by the center committee.  It is conceivable that an additional

evaluation of scientific merit or a site visit by a separate panel of

experts may not be necessary for some applications of limited scope

and the center committee may be able to take final action within one

round of review.


Concurrent Submission of Center Components as R01 Applications:  If

components of a center application are concurrently submitted for

review or submitted at another time such that the center application

is either pending review or awaiting a funding decision, no final

action will be taken on any scored component R01s until a final

decision is made about the center application.




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National Institute on Drug Abuse

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