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National Center for Research Resources


With the recent reorganization of the National Center for Research

Resources (NCRR) extramural programs that resulted in the Biological

Models and Materials Research Program becoming a part of the

Comparative Medicine area, the Comparative Medicine area is

publishing this notice to restate its interests regarding the support

of nonhuman primate resources, other special colonies of laboratory

animals, and research and resource-related research projects for the

development of animal (mammalian and nonmammalian) models.


Animal (Mammalian and Nonmammalian) Model, and Animal and Biological

Material Resource Grants (P40) are used to provide support for

special colonies of laboratory animals, including nonhuman primates,

as well as for other resources such as cultures (cells, tissues, and

organs) and genetic stocks that serve the biomedical research

community at large.  These resource centers must have three basic

characteristics: (1) the resource must have a research component to

generate new information which is relevant to the resource; (2) the

resource must serve the needs of investigators in a variety of

biomedical research areas where work is sponsored by NIH categorical

Institutes; and (3) the resource must be available to investigators

on a local, regional and national basis.  Special colonies of

research animals are defined as those animals that are valuable to

biomedical research, but are not generally available because of

problems of breeding, maintenance or procurement.  Support for such

colonies is usually limited to those used for a variety of research

projects which span the interests of two or more categorical

Institutes of the NIH.


Grants for Regional Primate Research Centers (P51) support distinct

organizational and structural components affiliated with major host

academic institutions to provide the necessary specialized

facilities, personnel, equipment, breeding colonies of nonhuman

primates, and other core support needed by qualified investigators

(local, regional, and national) to  conduct independent and

collaborative multi-categorical research programs.  Regional Primate

Research Centers (RPRC) were established to allow biomedical research

to be carried out effectively using various species of nonhuman

primates.  Competition for a RPRC is open to extramural institutions

that meet the required qualifications.  To qualify, an applicant

institution must already have in place the necessary infrastructure,

including a well-established facility with a very strong ongoing

research program supported by research grants from NIH and other

funding agencies, specialized professional and support personnel, as

well as an appropriate number and diversity of nonhuman primate

species to compete for regional primate research center funding.


Investigator-initiated research projects (R01 and R29) provide for

the exploration and development of new models (including mammalian,

nonmammalian, and mathematical and computer approaches) or for

research to expand the usefulness of established model systems.

Resource-related research projects (R24)provide for activities

intended to enhance the capability of Comparative Medicine resources

or that may lead to the development of a resource.


All applications must be submitted on grant application form PHS 398

(rev. 5/95).  Applications for projects under the R01, R24, R29, P40,

and P51 mechanisms are accepted at the standard Division of Research

Grants (DRG) receipt dates as published in the PHS 398 instructions.

Since there are special instructions or guidelines for the

preparation of resource center (P40 and P51) applications,

prospective applicants are urged to consult with the Comparative

Medicine Staff listed under INQUIRIES below.




For further information regarding this notice or to request special

guidelines or instructions for NCRR Comparative Medicine resource

center activities, contact:


Dr. Leo A. Whitehair

Director, Comparative Medicine

National Center for Research Resources

One Rockledge Centre, Suite 6030

6705 Rockledge Drive, MSC 7965

Bethesda, MD  20892-7965

Telephone:  (301) 435-0744




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