NIH GUIDE, Volume 25, Number 9, March 22, 1996
P.T. 34

  Proteins and Macromolecules 
National Library of Medicine
The National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR) has a requirement to
perform state-of-the-art protein sequencing on purified preparations
that are available in very small quantities.  The contractor shall
determine, in approximately 10 proteins each year, both the amino
acid composition and sequence analysis of samples that contain as
little as 10 pmoles of protein.  The contractor shall perform N-
terminal sequencing of samples, protein digestion of samples in gels
or on membranes, separation of the peptides, and identification of
the peptides by either sequencing or mass spectroscopy.  The proteins
will be molecules involved in signal transduction in eukaryotic
cells.  NIDR will provide the contractor with the purified materials
for these analyses.  Based on either the amino acid sequence results
or on the cDNA sequence supplied by NIDR, the contractor shall
synthesize peptides 10-15 amino acids long.  Peptides will be
purified, characterized, and some coupled to two different carrier
proteins.  The total amount of peptide will be in the 5-to-20 mg
range and approximately 10 to 20 peptides will be synthesized each
year.  All sequence data provided by NIDR to the contractor will be
confidential.  Antibodies will be required for 10 of these peptides
or proteins.  Two rabbits will be immunized with each purified
protein or synthetic peptide.  Samples of synthetic peptides and
rabbit blood will be delivered, and detailed reports will be
submitted regarding the results obtained from the analyses of
samples.  The contractor must have demonstrated expertise in methods
of protein sequencing, synthesis of peptides, peptide purification,
and coupling to carriers for immunization of animals.  It is
essential that the Government maintain rights to data and patents
emanating from this requirement.  The Government intends to restrict
the patent rights under the awarded contract and is in the process of
obtaining approval of a deviation to the standard patent rights
clause (FAR 52.227-11), which will be included in any resultant
contract.  It is anticipated that a three-year, cost reimbursement
(completion) type contract will be awarded.
RFP No. NLM 96-106/DJH will be available on or about April 2, 1996,
with proposals due on or about May 17, 1996.  All responsible sources
may submit a proposal that will be considered by the NIDR.  This
acquisition is being managed for the NIDR by the Office of
Acquisitions Management at the National Library of Medicine.  Verbal
and FAX requests for the RFP will not be accepted, requests must be
submitted in writing, addressed to:
Daniel J. Hartinger
Office of Acquisitions Management
National Library of Medicine
8600 Rockville Pike
Building 38A, Room B1N17
Bethesda, MD  20894

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