NIH GUIDE, Volume 25, Number 2, February 2, 1996




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  Biological Resources 


National Institute of Dental Research


The National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR) has a requirement to

generate a library of antibody reagents for the characterization of

novel genes expressed in teeth and craniofacial tissues during

embryonic development.  Polyclonal antibodies are to be produced in

rabbits against purified proteins obtained from selected cDNA clones

expressed in E. coli by relatively standard methods.  The antibodies

are to be evaluated by Western immunoblot analysis and

immunocytochemistry for their ability to react with embryonic

craniofacial tissues.  The project's goal will be to produce a

library of approximately 100 characterized antibodies against these

novel genes.  The Contractor must have experience in recombinant DNA

technologies and must demonstrate that they have successfully

generated polyclonal antibodies against recombinant proteins

previously.  The laboratory must be certified by the Federal

government as meeting Good Laboratory Practice Regulations (Title 21

of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Part 58) and must be

accredited by the American Association for the Accreditation of

Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) with an assurance statement on file

with the Office for Protection from Research Risks (OPRR).  It is

anticipated that a three-year, cost reimbursement (completion) type

contract will be awarded.  This project is being initiated by the

NIDR.  However, the contracts office of the National Library of

Medicine (NLM) will be conducting the solicitation.  Therefore, all

telephone calls and correspondence must be directed to the NLM.




Request for Proposal (RFP) No. NLM 96-100/MLM will be available on or

about February 20, 1996, with proposals due on or about April 22,

1996.  All responsible sources may submit a proposal, which will be

considered by the NIDR.  Verbal requests for the RFP will not be

accepted; requests must be submitted in writing, addressed to:


Lynn Montalvo

Office of Acquisitions Management

National Library of Medicine

Building 38A, Room B1N17

Bethesda, MD  20894



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