NIH GUIDE, Volume 24, Number 30, August 18, 1995




National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

The Targeted Interventions Branch, Basic Sciences Program, Division

of AIDS, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

(NIAID) has a requirement for evaluating therapeutic approaches and

drug-based inhibitors of sexual transmission for HIV/AIDS in non-

human primate models of lentivirus infection.  Evaluation encompasses

the determination of efficacy, toxicity, and when needed, limited

pharmacokinetics in models of (1) acute and chronic infection and (2)

sexual transmission.  Therapies to be tested alone and in combination

include antiviral agents (drugs and biologics), immune-based

strategies, and gene-based therapies.  Examples of lentivirus models

appropriate for this RFP include HIV-1, HIV-2, pathogenic SHIV, or

other relevant lentivirus that induces disease in a non-human primate

animal model.  Excluded from this competition are small animal models

of lentivirus infection.  These capabilities will be used by the

Division of AIDS, NIAID, in its efforts to develop intervention and

prevention strategies for HIV/AIDS.

It is anticipated that two cost-reimbursement, level-of-effort type

contracts will be awarded for a period of five years beginning on or

about July 9, 1996.  However, the Government reserves the right to

limit the number of awards based on the merit of the technical

proposals received.

The electronic version of Request for Proposals (RFP) NIH-NIAID-

DAIDS-96-15 is available through the NIH GOPHER and Internet using

the following electronic mail addresses and instructions:

1.  To access the NIH Gopher:  Point your gopher client to

GOPHER@NIH.GOV PORT 70.  (You should now be in the NIH Gopher.)

Select "Grant and Research Information," then select "R&D Request for

Proposals (RFP)."

2.  To access the NIH Grant Line (Internet):  Configure your terminal

emulator as:  1200 or 2400 baud, even parity, 7 data bits, 1 stop

bit, Half Duplex.  Using the procedure specified in your

communication software, dial 301-402-2221.  When you get a response

indicating that you have been connected, then type  ,GEN1  (The comma

is mandatory) and press ENTER; you will be prompted by the NIH system

for "INITIALS?".  Type  BB5  and press ENTER.  You will then be

prompted for "Account?".  Type  CCS2  and press ENTER.


The RFP for this procurement has been revised to include only the

Statement of Work, deliverable and reporting requirements, the

Technical Evaluation Criteria, and proposal preparation instructions.

All information required for the submission of an offer will be

contained in the electronic RFP package.  Following proposal

submission and the initial review process, offerors comprising the

competitive range will be requested to provide additional

documentation to the Contracting Officer.  Responses to this RFP will

be due on October 12, 1995.  Any responsible offeror may submit a

proposal that will be considered by the Government.  This

advertisement does not commit the Government to award a contract.

Inquiries regarding this RFP may be directed to:

Joyce U. Sagami

Contracts Management Branch

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

6003 Executive Boulevard, Room 3C07

Bethesda, MD  20892

Telephone:  (301) 496-7118

FAX:  (301) 402-0972


No collect calls will be accepted.


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