NIH GUIDE, Volume 24, Number 29, August 11, 1995


P.T. 34


  Plant Sciences 

National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute (NCI), Division of Cancer Treatment

(DCT), Development Therapeutics Program (DTP) anticipates the award

of three cost-reimbursement contracts, for a base period of three

years, with two one-year option years, beginning on or about

September 1, 1996.  The objective of this project is to establish

contracts for the collection and taxonomy of plants from the

following regions designated as follows:  Task A:  tropical Africa,

with emphasis on Madagascar; Task B:  Southeast Asia, with emphasis

on Papua New Guinea; and Task C:  the continental United States of

America.  The collections will be evaluated as sources of potential

antineoplastic and anti-AIDS agents, with the ultimate goal being the

discovery of novel structural types that can be developed for the

selective treatment of cancer and AIDS in man.

Successful offerors will be expected to provide qualified personnel,

materials, and equipment for the collection, identification, storage,

and shipping of plant samples (500 per year each from Africa and

Southeast Asia and 1000 from the United States) to an NCI-designated

extraction facility.  Collections will comprise approximately

0.3-1.0kg (dry weight) of each sample and each plant will be

identified as far as possible at the time of collection.  Properly

prepared voucher specimens for each plant will be collected for the

purposes of unambiguous identification, and for permanent deposition

of, at a minimum, two herbaria designated by NCI.  The contractor

will be expected to provide detailed documentation, including

complete identification of each plant collected.  The collection team

should include a qualified plant taxonomist and personnel experienced

in plant collection and identification, and having familiarity with

the customs of the local populations.  The Principal Investigator

should be trained in botany or a related field and should have at

least five years of experience in plant collection and

identification.  It is anticipated that re-collections of up to 10

plants per year in quantities of 10-50 kg will be required starting

in the second year of the contract.  The number of initial small

scale collections will be reduced in proportion to the number and

size of the large scale re-collections undertaken.  Collections will

include species from as wide a variety of families genera as

possible.  A list of genera with number of species collected in each

genus since 1986 will be provided in order to aid in the

determination of priorities in the collection program.  In the case

of trees and large shrubs, samples of plant parts may be collected

and stored separately for individual evaluation, with each part being

considered equivalent to plant sample.  In addition, a list of

countries in which collections have been performed and the number of

samples collected in each country will be provided.  The contractor

will be responsible for obtaining all necessary permits including

shipping and expert permits from foreign governments and agencies,

for delivery of samples and voucher specimens to facilities in the

United States.  A "Letter of Collection" stating NCI's willingness to

collaborate with local scientists and/or authorities in the discovery

and development of novel drugs from plants collected will be provided

to the contractor.  The Government anticipates the award of one

contract for each of the regions designated in Task A, B, and C.

This is a recompetition of a group of contractors performing similar

collections.  The Request for Proposal (RFP) will be available on or

about August 29, 1995.


A copy of the RFP may be obtained by written request from:

Ms. Elsa B Carlton

Research Contracts Branch

National Cancer Institute

Executive Plaza South, Room 603

6120 Executive Boulevard MSC 7220

Bethesda, MD  20892-7220


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