NIH GUIDE, Volume 24, Number 1, January 13, 1995


P.T. 34


  Neuromuscular Disorders 

  Neural Stimulation 

  Physiological Controls and System 

  Rehabilitation/Therapy, Physical 

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

The Neural Prosthesis Program of the National Institute of

Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), National Institutes of

Health (NIH), has a requirement for the continued research,

development, and feasibility testing of methods to enhance the

function and control of functional neuromuscular stimulation (FNS)

grasp systems.  Functional neuromuscular stimulation is being used to

restore functional hand movements in quadriplegic individuals by

electrically stimulating the paralyzed muscles in their hands and

arms.  Further research is needed to solve fundamental control

problems of hand posture, command signals, and muscle excitation as

well as developing means of providing sensory feedback.  The proposed

research project will include:  (1) the evaluation of closed-loop FNS

systems in quadriplegic individuals outside the laboratory

environment; (2) investigation of the feasibility of implementing arm

control such as elbow extension and wrist control; (3) development of

a biomechanical model of the human hand to improve strategies for

hand posture control; and (4) evaluating the combination of closed

loop FNS with surgical procedures such as tendon splicing, tendon

transfer and arthrodesis to enhance hand posture control.

Performance of work under this project will require personnel with

established expertise in neural prostheses, hand surgery, control

theory, biomechanics, and biomedical engineering.  It is anticipated

that one award will be made for a period of three years.  Award is

anticipated for August 1995.


This is not a Request for Proposals (RFP).  An RFP was issued on

December 21, 1994 and proposals are due on or about February 21,

1995.  All responsible sources may submit a proposal that will be

considered by the agency.  To receive a copy of the RFP, submit a

written request along with two self-addressed mailing labels to:

Contracting Officer

Contracts Management Branch, DEA


National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Federal

Building, Room 901

7550 Wisconsin Avenue - MSC 9190

Bethesda, MD  20892


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