NIH GUIDE, Volume 23, Number 34, September 23, 1994

P.T. 34


  Grants Administration/Policy+ 

National Institutes of Health

Beginning with the review of applications submitted for the October

1, 1994, receipt date, all Division of Research Grants standing study

sections will triage investigator-initiated research project grant

applications (R01s and R29s).  Reviewers will designate approximately

half of the applications as "noncompetitive" for support.  A

designation of "noncompetitive" requires unanimous agreement of the

study section.

For this purpose, "noncompetitive" means that the application is

judged to be in the lower half, qualitatively, of research project

grant applications normally reviewed by that study section.

Applications determined to be "noncompetitive" will not receive full

discussion at the study section meeting, will not receive a priority

score, and will not routinely be taken to second level of review by

the national advisory councils/boards.

The summary statement for an application determined to be

"noncompetitive" will consist of the customary administrative

information and the reviewers' critiques, verbatim.  The summary

statement for an application that receives full discussion and a

score will include, in addition to the reviewers' critiques and the

administrative information, a "Resume and Summary of Discussion,"

which synopsizes the study section's discussion of the application.

Subsequent to the study section meeting, all applicants will receive

the customary snap-out mailer to advise them of the outcome of the

initial review.


Office of Grants Information

Division of Research Grants

Westwood Building, Room 449

Bethesda, MD  20892

Telephone:  (301) 710-0267


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