NIH GUIDE, Volume 23, Number 33, September 16, 1994

P.T. 16


  Information Science/Systems 


National Institutes of Health

The next issue of the NIH Guide (Vol. 23, No. 34, September 23, 1994)

will comply with the revised policies for format and distribution.  The

printed edition will include Notices of Availability of Program

Announcements (PAs), Requests for Applications (RFAs), and Requests for

Proposals (RFPs) and policy notices.  The full text of the PAs and RFAs

is available online on several platforms as described below, and may be

obtained electronically by sending a request via email to NIH program

staff identified under the INQUIRIES section of each PA and RFA.

1.  Electronic Subscriptions to the NIH Guide

The NIHGDE-L list is open for subscriptions from individuals.  To

minimize the possibility of errors, it is best for each person to

subscribe him/herself to the list.  Subscribing and unsubscribing

to/from a list is done via e-mail.  BITNET users should send mail to


subscribe to the E-Guide list, the text of the mail should be:

SUBSCRIBE NIHGDE-L First-name Last-name

The First & Last names should be in upper & lower case; e.g.:


This will register the e-mail address from which the mail was sent for

E-Guide distribution.  If you wish to have the E-Guide sent to an

address from which mail cannot be sent (e.g., an internal distribution

list), send mail to WKJ@NIHCU (BITNET) or WKJ@CU.NIH.GOV (Internet).

To remove yourself from this list, send mail to LISTSERV@JHUVM (or

LISTSERV@JHUVM.HCF.JHU.EDU) containing as the text:


2.  Table of Contents

Some users who subscribed to the NIHGDE-L list had problems with the

volume of mail that was received each week.  They would prefer to see

a table of contents, and access the NIH Guide files via Gopher when

necessary.  For that purpose, the NIHTOC-L list has been established at

the NIH.  It will contain only the table of contents for each week's

NIH Guide.  It is an open list that one can subscribe to by sending

mail to LISTSERV@NIHLIST or LISTSERV@LIST.NIH.GOV (Internet).  The mail

should contain as text:

SUBSCRIBE NIHTOC-L First-name Last-name

If you do subscribe to the NIHTOC-L list and are already subscribed to

the NIHGDE-L list, you will probably want to UNSUBSCRIBE from that


3.  NIH Grant Line Bulletin Board

The NIH Grant Line includes information about NIH extramural programs,

including the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts.  A new feature on the

NIH Grant Line allows the rapid transmission of files via Bitnet or

Internet to a Bitnet or Internet address instead of downloading via a


To access the NIH Grant Line, the terminal emulator must be configured

as follows:  1200 or 2400 baud, even parity, 7 data bits, 1 stop bit,

half duplex.  Using the procedure specified in the communication

software, dial 1-301-402-2221.  When a response indicates that a

connection has been made, type  ,GEN1  (the comma is mandatory) and

press ENTER; the NIH system will prompt for INITIALS?.  Type  BB5  and

press ENTER.  A prompt will ask for ACCOUNT?  Type  CCS2  and press


Messages and a menu will be displayed that allow one to read Bulletins

and download Files.  Back issues of the NIH Guide are found in

different Directories.  GUIDE90 has issues going back to July 6, 1990;

GUIDE91, GUIDE92, and GUIDE93 have all issues for each year.  Type F

(for FILES) to access any of the files that are arranged into

directories.  To get an overview of the kinds of information available,

type D (for Directory).

Access to NIH Grant Line via the Internet

To access the NIH Grant Line in an interactive Internet session, Telnet

to WYLBUR.CU.NIH.GOV and, when a message has been received that the

connection is open, type VT100.  At the INITIALS? prompt, type BB5 and

at the ACCOUNT? prompt, type CCS2.  This puts the user into the NIH

Grant Line.

4.  NIH Gopher

The NIH Gopher contains information about the NIH, including the NIH

Guide for Grants and Contracts, and has text searching capability.  One

can tunnel to the NIH Gopher at, if one has access to a

system with a Gopher client.  Local computer support staff should be

consulted for additional information.


Myra Brockett, Program Analyst

Institutional Affairs Office

National Institutes of Health

Telephone:  (301) 496-5366



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