NIH GUIDE, Volume 23, Number 32, August 26, 1994

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  Biomedical Research, Multidiscipl 

National Institutes of Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Contract Proposal Receipt Date:  December 5, 1994

The purpose of this notice is to (1) announce the issuance of the


RESEARCH (SBIR) CONTRACT PROPOSALS with a due date for receipt of

proposals of December 5, 1994; and (2) inform the public about the

opportunities that the SBIR program offers to small business concerns

as well as to scientists at research institutions, including colleges

and universities.  Public Law 102-564, signed by the President October

28, 1992,requires the Public Health Service (PHS), Department of Health

and Human Services, and certain other Federal agencies to reserve a

specified amount of their extramural research or R&D budgets for an

SBIR program.  In fiscal years 1995 and 1996, 2.0 percent of the PHS

extramural budget will be reserved for the SBIR program, amounting to

$170-$175 million (estimated); and in fiscal years 1997 and beyond, the

set-aside requirement will be 2.5 percent.

The offeror organization must be a small business concern, and the

primary employment of the principal investigator MUST be with the small

business concern at the time of award and during the conduct of the

proposed project.  In accord with the intent of the SBIR program to

increase private sector commercialization of innovations derived from

Federal R&D, scientists at research institutions can play an important

role in an SBIR project by serving as consultants and/or subcontractors

to the small business concern.  Normally, up to one-third of the Phase

I budget may be spent on consultant and/or subcontractual costs, and up

to one-half of the Phase II budget may be spent on such costs.  In this

manner, a small business concern with limited expertise and/or research

facilities may benefit from teaming with a scientist at a research

institution; for the scientist at a research institution, this team

effort provides support for R&D not otherwise obtained.

The SBIR program consists of the following three phases:

PHASE I:  The objective of this phase is to determine the scientific

and technical merit and feasibility and potential for commercialization

of the proposed research or R&D efforts and the quality of performance

of the small business concern, before consideration of further Federal

support in Phase II.

PHASE II:  The objective of this phase is to continue the research or

R&D efforts initiated in Phase I.  Funding shall be based on the

results of Phase I and the scientific and technical merit and

commercial potential of the Phase II proposal.  Only Phase I

contractors are eligible to apply for Phase II funding, and Phase II

proposals may be submitted upon the request of the Contracting Officer


PHASE III:  The objective of this phase, where appropriate, is for the

small business concern to pursue with non-SBIR funds the

commercialization of the results of the research or R&D funded in

Phases I and II.

The amount and period of support for SBIR awards are as follows:

PHASE I:  Awards may not exceed $100,000 for direct costs, indirect

costs, and negotiated fixed fee for a period normally not to exceed six


PHASE II:  Awards may not exceed $750,000 for direct costs, indirect

costs, and negotiated fixed fee for a period normally not to exceed two

years, that is, generally, a two-year Phase II project may not cost

more than $750,000 for that project.  Only one Phase II award may be

made for any SBIR project.


Eligibility requirements, definitions, submission procedures, review

considerations, contract proposal forms and instructions, and other

pertinent information are contained in the Solicitation of the PHS for

SBIR Contract Proposals, available the middle of September from:

PHS SBIR/STTR Solicitation Office

13687 Baltimore Avenue

Laurel, MD  20707-5096

Telephone:  (301) 206-9385

FAX:  (301) 206-9722


In addition, the ENTIRE Solicitation will be available electronically

using Business Gold, the National Technology Transfer Center's bulletin

board system.  Connect via Internet by telneting to "" or

by dialing (304) 243-2560 for high speed modems (9600+) or (304) 243-

2561 for 1200-2400 baud modems and logging in as "guest".  For more

information on their electronic bulletin board system, contact:

National Technology Transfer Center

Wheeling Jesuit College

316 Washington Avenue

Wheeling, WV  26003-6295

Telephone:  (800) 678-6882  (toll-free within U.S.)

Anyone interested in the PHS SBIR Grant program may obtain the current


COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT APPLICATIONS from the above sources also.  See

also the NIH GUIDE FOR CONTRACTS AND GRANTS, Volume 23, Number 15,

April 15, 1994.


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