NIH GUIDE, Volume 23, Number 29, August 5, 1994


P.T. 34


  Chemical Synthesis 

  Chemistry, Organic 


National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

The Contraceptive Development Branch of the Center for Population

Research, National Institute for Child Health and Human Development

(NICHD) has a requirement for the synthesis and testing of

antiprogestational agents as postcoital antifertility agents.  The

goals of this acquisition are to design, synthesize, and test

antiprogestational agents that are at least ten-fold more potent orally

than mifepristone in standard assays for antiprogestational activity in

laboratory animals.  The selected prototypes for further structural

modification may be mifepristone or other leads that have demonstrated

oral activity.  Such antagonists should, desirably, also have minimal

hormonal and other antihormonal activities for use as contraceptive

agents.  Such antiprogestational agents must also be devoid of effects

on central nervous and cardiovascular systems.  The Government will

carry out in vivo biological assays required to establish the

antiprogestational activity of compounds submitted to the Contraceptive

Development Branch under the auspices of this acquisition.  Offerors

must undertake standard in vitro progesterone and glucocorticoid

binding assays on all the newly synthesized compounds in house or

through subcontracting.  Specifically excluded from consideration are

(a) inhibitors of progesterone biosynthesis, and (b) estrogens.

Organizations must have adequate facilities and capabilities to carry

out the proposed synthetic chemical program and in vitro binding assays

as mentioned above.  The Government estimates the effort to be

approximately 4.9 technical person-years annually.  The principal

investigator must be a synthetic organic and/or medicinal chemist with

a Ph.D. degree, who will devote approximately 25 percent of her/his

time to the project and must have five years of experience in drug

synthesis.  All responsible sources may submit a proposal that will be

considered by the agency.  It is anticipated that four cost-

reimbursement incrementally funded type contracts will be awarded as a

result of the request for proposals (RFP) for a period of 36 months,

beginning June 1, 1995.  This announcement is not an RFP.  RFP

NICHD-CD-94-13 will be available on or about August 19, 1994.

Proposals will be due approximately 120 days thereafter.


Requests for copies of the RFP must cite the RFP number and be

addressed to:

Paul J. Duska

Office of Grants and Contracts

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

6100 Building, Room 7A07

Bethesda, MD  20892

FAX:  (301) 402-3676


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